How to choose the best broadband plan for university 2020

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If you are heading to university in 2020, then you’re likely to be in search of a broadband plan for your new flat. And, as a student you’re probably looking for the best value deal possible!

If your new flat at university is shared with a few other students, then you are going to need the best student internet plan possible – to make sure you have the bandwidth for multiple users download and streaming content. Broadband Compare has student broadband plans from all the different internet providers in New Zealand.

With so many providers and plans around, it can be hard to know which plan will be perfect for your flat. We’ve put together some tips below to help you choose the perfect student broadband plan. The simplest way to find the best broadband deals around is to enter your address into our address find to bring up a list of plans available at your address.

Top tips for choosing a student broadband plan for your flat

The best broadband deal isn’t always a “student” plan

University broadband deals aren’t always different from the usual broadband plans, and as a student, you may not actually be best served by not buying a specific student broadband deal. A no-contract plan from providers like MyRepublic, Stuff Fibre, Orcon or Slingshot could be your best option. Compare the best broadband plans available at your address

Speed matters

If your new flat at university is shared with a few other students then you are going to need to best student internet plan possible to make sure you have the bandwidth for multiple users streaming content. There is nothing worse than a buffering or slow connection when you are working toward a deadline because your flatmates are having a Netflix marathon, streaming music or having a gaming session. Having an ultrafast, unlimited fibre broadband connection will be vital for a harmonious flat! Find the fastest broadband deals available at your address.

If you you live in a flat where you only have ADSL or VDSL broadband available and are frustrated with your broadband speeds - you may be surprised to learn that Wireless or 4G broadband can perform as quickly as fibre in some areas.

Don’t get tied into a 12-24 month contract - try a no-contract plan

Signing up for a 12-24 month contract can be a great way to get a low monthly rate for your broadband, but you often have to pay an expensive cancellation fee if you want to cancel the contract early. If you aren’t planning to live in your student flat for a full 12 months, we can help you find a great no contract plan. Find the best no contract student broadband plans

Consider a Prepay Broadband Plan

Life as a student can mean being on a budget and cashflow can be tight. Did you know that prepay broadband or pay-as-you-go broadband is a thing? This is a super-flexible no contract option for paying for your broadband. You simply top up your broadband account, like you would a prepay cell phone. Find pay as you go broadband plans here

Setting up a new Student flat? Make life easy by bundling your broadband and power

Who wants to deal with flat admin? If you are setting up a new student flat, why not make like easier and save money by bundling your broadband and Electricity? It means you only have one provider, one billing cycle and one point of contact for both services. You can get some great savings and cross 2 chores off your To Do list!


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