Are you flatting this year? Get your life sorted for the upcoming University year with NZ Compare

Heading off to university and a student flat is a big step toward independence, but it also means a fair bit of ‘adulting’ like sorting utilities, paying bills, budgeting and a heavy workload. Getting things sorted up front can save you from needing to stress about the boring things in life, so you can focus on what’s important. 

What are the tops things to budget for at university?

The start of the university year can bring strains and stresses with it – heavy workloads, limited sleep and a new environment. Studies have shown that managing your finances can be a top stressor for students. You can make life a bit easier by creating and maintaining a weekly or monthly budget. Check out our guide for what costs are likely to crop up to help you budget effectively

How to get power sorted for your new student flat

If you are setting up a new student flat – electricity and gas are likely to be your biggest expense when it comes to utility bills.  Being on the wrong type of tariff or plan can really add up and be expensive. Check out our top tips for getting power sorted in your new student flat.

Getting a good deal on broadband for your new flat

If your new flat at university is shared with a few other students then having a great broadband plan could be the key to a harmonious home. You are going to need the best student internet plan possible to make sure you have the bandwidth for multiple users downloading and streaming content. Did you know that the best broadband deal isn’t always a ‘student’ plan? See our top tips for choosing a student broadband plan for your flat.

For more information check out Sorted’s guide for going flatting and managing money with flatmates. 


19 February / latest news
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