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Is this the end of Gigatown?

Today Chorus has confirmed that subsidised wholesale pricing for Dunedin’s gigabit fibre co...

12 April
Fibre Consent Process

Do I need consent to get fibre installed? Learn about the types of consent required to get fibre...

08 April
Top family broadband plans for the holidays & tips for dealing with screen-time

Dealing with technology and screen-time can be a top source of stress for parents during school h...

08 April
What is a breakdown of the average household electricity bill in New Zealand?

What is the average New Zealand household electricity usage? Power Compare can help you understan...

01 April
Get the most out of your fibre broadband experience

There are a range of factors that can affect your fibre broadband performance. Don’t suffer...

31 March
Negotiations for unbundled fibre could see broadband increase by $40/month

New Zealand’s heavyweights in the telecommunications industry are negotiating the future of...

29 March
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