The very latest consumer insights on the NZ Power Sector

Power Pulse from the team at NZ Compare Insights is a quarterly research report that allows you and your business to keep your finger on the Pulse of the fast moving New Zealand power sector.

A totally unique piece of research, the information contained in our quarterly Power Pulse report is collected from New Zealanders who are actively shopping for a new power connection on the Power Compare website. The Power Pulse tracks and reports on the key drivers in the decision making process when switching power provider. All major consideration points are covered from unearthing the motivation behind changing power providers, to the incentives to change and reasons for not going through with a switch. In a changing marketplace we are also investigating what drives a decision to bundle with other utilities and what factors are important when considering options.

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Research Expertise

NZ Compare in conjunction with Tactix have developed the Power Pulse report through engaging with Kiwis who are in the consideration phase for switching their power provider.

Through accurately collating the data from actual Kiwis with very high levels of intent who are shopping online for a new plan or power provider we are able to provide a fully comprehensive breakdown of the audience and their key considerations when switching to a new power provider.

Actionable Insights

The report offers actionable insights to help you understand power customers and sector insights. Including who is shopping for power online, consumer motivations to change power providers, and insights from respondents that did / didn’t change power providers immediately. Other insights include the preference of consumers who are looking for bundled power plans and information on which power provider are winning and losing customers.

This data is highly valuable in providing the data intelligence you need to allow you to design products and plans that meet and exceed the wishes and desires of your target audience at the very moment they are shopping. Using intent data with the latest information from real users you are able to make actionable, consumer driven insights to maximise your chance of acquiring new customers who are active in the market.

We continuously survey new users and shoppers each month to update key metrics for comparison and benchmarking of products.

In addition to the standard quarterly Power Pulse report we offer a number of additional research services. This includes the following:

  • Bespoke survey questions. You can ask your own quantitative and qualitative research questions to the responders on the Power Pulse survey.
  • Benchmarking reports. An individual tailored report benchmarking your power offering against competitors.
  • Focus Group recruitment. If you are looking to recruit an audience for your own focus group we can help supply introductions to Kiwis who are actively in the market for a new power plan or have changed within the last few weeks.

If you would like a free consultation with one of our research team, to determine the best options for you and your business then please get in touch with Tactix here.

Thousands of New Zealanders trust Power Compare to recommend them the best power plan for their needs every month. Make sure you know what they are looking for by keeping your finger on the Power PULSE.


Power Pulse is available to purchase online as an individual report or as a subscription product.

If you have any questions please or call us at (09) 215 7858 to discuss.

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