New Zealand Broadband Providers – Are any of them any good?

With the broadband and telecom sector so often the subject of negative news stories ranging from contractor mismanagement to failing connections and poor customer service, the Broadband Compare TUANZ Awards will provide a refreshing opportunity to sing the praises of a sector that is driving innovation, improving connectivity for businesses and communities and making for a better connected New Zealand, both locally, and to the rest of the world. 

Broadband Compare, New Zealand’s leading broadband comparison website, together with TUANZ the independent membership group representing users of digital connectivity , is offering the public the chance to choose New Zealand’s Best Broadband Provider with voting now open for the 2018 Broadband Compare TUANZ Award People’s Choice Award.

Broadband Compare Founder, Gavin Male, considers the People’s Choice category to be the most important of the 10 categories in the Broadband Compare TUANZ Awards.

“In addition to our other categories, which are judged by an impartial panel of industry experts, this is an opportunity for the New Zealand public to have their say on who New Zealand’s best overall broadband service provider is. Broadband Compare has already helped almost 350,000 Kiwis with their broadband decisions in 2018 and this award is another opportunity to help consumers make an even more informed decision when choosing a new broadband provider.”

Commenting further, Male said “As the New Zealand broadband sector continues to evolve, continually improving connectivity options are giving Kiwis far more choice and possibilities than ever before. With this increase in choice, there can be more confusion over what is the best broadband plan and provider. The People’s Choice category is the ultimate opportunity for the public to have their say about who is the best of the best.”

TUANZ Chief Exec Craig Young says they are involved in the People’s Choice Awards because it is an opportunity to give the New Zealand public a chance to have their say on who the best Broadband Provider it.

“Our expert judging panel will make their judgements based on specific criteria for excellence and innovation for each category. High quality connectivity is increasingly important to our day-to-day lives, but everyone has different requirements and preferences when it comes to broadband. Each person’s choice about who to vote for as the best broadband provider will be based on their personal criteria so it will be interesting to see how the public vote stacks up.”

The People’s Choice Award opened for voting on 9 October 2018 and closes on 2 November 2018.

Winners of the Broadband Compare TUANZ Awards 2018 will be announced at an awards evening taking place at the Orange Coronation Ballroom on November 8th 2018. The event is expected to sell out and tickets are available to purchase at

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