Lockdown Day 1 - Kiwis more worried about broadband coverage than running out of food

There’s no denying the concern and worry that the New Zealand population have when it comes to the Covid-19 pandemic – overnight research from Opinion Compare of a nationally representative survey of n=590 New Zealanders 18+ conducted on the 25th of March revealed that 49% of the population believe they will contract the CoronaVirus.

However, on a lighter note, when asked what they were most concerned about during the lockdown period, it was revealed that:

  • More people think they’ll be annoyed by their partner than them annoying their partner
  • More people worried about their broadband coverage than running out of food
  • More people worried about having no sport to watch than running out of toilet paper


When asked what they were most concerned about during the lockdown period, the main concerns were:

Table: Concerns During Lockdown Period


Catching COVID-19


Being stuck indoors


Lack of exercise


Being annoyed by your partner / people you live with


Being unable to pay bills / mortgage / rent, etc


Broadband coverage and quality with some many people at home


Annoying your partner / people you live with


Not having enough things to do


Missing large social gatherings


Running out of food


Not having sport to watch


Bored children


Working from home


Running out of toilet paper


Spending time with the children



It’s the younger male that has the most self awareness when it comes to how annoying they might be.

Chart: Likelihood to Annoy Partner / People You Live With

Chart: Likelihood of annoying people you live with during lockdown

Gavin Male, CEO of Opinion Compare, said “it’s encouraging that we’ve still got our sense of humour during this troubling time and prioritise the loss of live sport over running out of food.  However, be kind to those in lockdown with you – they might annoy you more than you’re annoying them but we’re all in this together”.

About Opinion Compare

Opinion Compare is the research arm of NZ Compare and offers an independent and affordable way to deliver Kiwi opinions into NZ business decision makers. We created Opinion Compare for brands and agencies operating in NZ because they were making poorly informed decisions which led to costly mistakes. We provide a range of ways to get the insights you require. Traditional qualitative and quantitative research methodologies are covered as well as new and different approaches if required.  We’re passionate about creating a world where consumer opinions help shape and deliver better products and services for everyone.

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