Nowhere to compare in 2021! Kiwis dial out for mobile plan and provider comparisons.

Let the stats speak.

With only one in three Kiwis (33%) being able to state with confidence that they are on the right mobile phone plan, and a similar percentage (35%) stating their current plan is good value for money, there’s growing interest, and need, for the provision of comparison tools to better inform Kiwis when it comes to their relationship with their mobile phone provider.

It’s 2021 after all right?!

Research conducted by The Interpreters & Opinion Compare identified that while there was general inertia and disengagement with the detail of their mobile phone provider, 84% of Kiwis would use a mobile plan and price comparison website if one was readily available.

Gavin Male, CEO of NZ Compare, said "we’re not at all surprised by the results but wanted an independent assessment. Since we launched NZ Compare we’ve seen Kiwis adopt price comparison websites across other categories but mobile hasn’t been included. Towards the end of 2020 the Commerce Commission encouraged the mobile industry to initiate a programme of work on a "consumer data right" so consumers can choose to share their usage, spend and product information with competitors and comparison services to help inform their decisions. This is something the industry continues to work on, and it’s needed quickly.  As we can see in this research, a lack of awareness and general apathy to a category continues to impact the typical Kiwi mobile phone owner. Price and coverage are the two most important factors when it comes to deciding their plan but there’s a general sense that it’s all the same and that’s why people are somewhat reluctantly staying with their current providers".

The research was conducted in June 2021 and interviewed a representative sample of n=622 Kiwis aged 18+ who make decisions when it comes to their plan and provider.

Gavin Male added "looking at the different demographics that found the idea of a mobile plan and provider comparison tool appealing, it was significantly skewed towards the older mobile user. Of those interested, 40% were aged 55+ and this highlights an age group that are looking for information but can’t necessarily get clear and concise answers. It’s a demographic that has embraced other comparison tools so no surprise they’re crying out to validate whether they are on the right plan and provider for their mobile phone."


About NZ Compare

NZ Compare (, operate a suite of comparison websites in New Zealand to help Kiwis make a fully informed choice on their broadband, power and financial products. New to their stable of websites is , an online couponing website. NZ Compare sites are used by over 100,000 Kiwis every month and offer quick and easy online tools to check options at your address and compare the most suitable products for your particular needs. 


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