NZ’s First Netsafety Week starts today!

It’s happening, New Zealand’s very first Netsafety week has kicked off. Taking place between 26th July – 30th July, now is the time for us to rally together and get involved as a community, to help each other have better and safer experiences online.

Netsafe is leading the charge on this one and who better to, than the experts who revolve their organization around helping keep people internet safe.

Why do we need a Netsafety week in Aotearoa?

In the last year, near 23,000 people approached Netsafe for advice on topics including harassment, image-based abuse, self-harm, grooming, hate speech and scams, not to mention the more common issues swamping schools around online bullying. More kiwis need this support but might not know where to reach out to, this is what netsafety week hopes to shine the light on!

We can’t stop the digital world progressing and we shouldn’t but what we do have control over, is how we manage it and contribute to online culture.

What can you do to contribute to Netsafety week?

Let’s keep Kiwis safe online! Do your bit this week by engaging and creating conversations around this aim, at home, at work or with your friends –  how will you help keep people safe online?

If you need some easy resources, then take a look at Netsafe or perhaps you have kids? Have a quick read of our top tips to for protecting your children online.

Netsafe is a free service, available seven days a week. They’re ready to help you. Use them!



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