4 Ways to Spend ANZAC Day with NZ Compare
Apr 22, 2024

Unsure how to spend ANZAC Day? We have 4 ideas that will help you honour our heroes. 

ANZAC Day is a significant day for Kiwis, created to honour and pay tribute to the brave men and women who sacrificed themselves for our country during conflict. Kiwis can remember and honour the heroes every April 25th. 

Here are 4 things you can do this ANZAC Day to remember and pay tribute. 

1. Attend a Dawn Service

There are plenty of local dawn services on April 25th to commemorate those who served our country during conflicts such as World War 1 and World War 2. This service is traditionally held at dawn to honour the landing of ANZAC soldiers at Gallipoli. 

2. Visit a War Memorial Exhibit

If you are in Auckland, you can visit the War Memorial Museum and take in the Roll of Honour – which commemorates those who made the ultimate sacrifice. You can also gain a deeper understanding of the experiences of soldiers in World War 2 at the Pou Kanohi New Zealand at War exhibit. In Wellington, you can visit Te Papa Museum and experience their exhibition Gallipoli: The Scale of Our War. This incredible exhibition tells the story of the Gallipoli campaign of World War 1, through the eyes of our ANZAC soldiers.

3. Watch a Military Movie

Many streaming services have a range of movies based on World War 1 and World War 2. These movies are a great way to educate yourself on the politics and social landscapes of the times. It’s an effective way to connect with the harrowing experiences of our heroes as well and understand what they went through. You can use Broadband Compare to find the best broadband deal for you, and when you switch, you may even be able to enjoy a year free subscription to a streaming service as part of your joining perks!

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4. Bake ANZAC Cookies

ANZAC cookies were originally baked by women in New Zealand and sent to soldiers overseas. ANZAC cookies are a great way to involve the whole whanau on ANZAC Day and start discussions on the significance of the cookies and the day. If you need baking equipment, such as a mixer or baking trays, jump on PriceMe to find the cheapest deal. 

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