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Chorus pioneers a trial for the fastest broadband on the plant

Ready for Ultra-ultra-ultrafast broadband? Chorus announced a new trial for a 10Gbps broadband se...

10 February
Should you Bring Your Own (BYO) router or use one from your new Broadband Provider?

Should you bring your own router or get a new router when you sign up for a new broadband plan? W...

08 February
Top tips for protecting your children online

New research shows that 92% of New Zealanders are concerned about their children’s safety o...

04 February
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29 January
Comparing Broadband Just Got a Lot Easier!

This is the busiest time of year for Kiwis to switch their broadband to save money or get a bette...

29 January
Compare Savings for Back to School Deals

Just as your finances start to recover from the holiday season – we are coming up to the st...

28 January