5 Low Cost Activities to Do with Mum with NZ Compare
May 3, 2024

Looking for a budget-friendly way to spend time this Mother's Day? We have a few ideas!

One of the most special things you can do for your mum this Mother’s Day is spend time with her. There are plenty of ways you can spend quality time with mum. But if you are struggling for ideas, and want to keep the costs low, we have put together a list of 5 activities to help get you started. 

1. Hike the New Zealand Landscape

 We are spoiled for trails and hikes in New Zealand. You can hike volcanic terrain, black sand beaches or luscious forests teeming with birdsong. Pack some food, grab your hiking boots, and hit the trails with your mum. She will appreciate spending time with you and nature. 

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2. Have a Photoshoot

Dress in clothes that make you feel good. Maybe even wear some makeup. Find a spot in your local area that means something to you and your mum, like the beach, the park, or even just your garden. Grab your camera and have a photoshoot. You could even get the photos printed on canvas or framed and gift it to your mum to remember the day by. 

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3. Sip and Paint 

Grab some paints, papers, or canvas, your favourite beverage, and get to work crafting your vibrant creation. You could play music, listen to a podcast, or dive into some conversation together. This is a great activity for the whole whanau!

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4. Plan a Dinner for Her

Whether you decide to cook for yourself, or take her to her favourite restaurant, planning a dinner together is always a classic way to spend time with her. If you are wanting to cook, maybe cook something from your childhood, or something the kids will enjoy helping with, or your mum’s favourite meal. Or you could experiment and try something new!

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5. DIY Spa Day

Grab your face masks, your manicure kit and your foot baths. If you have the skills to paint her nails, give it a try. There are plenty of nail UV lamps that you can use to give her the manicure of a nail salon, but in the comfort of her own home. Make her refreshing mocktails, stream her favourite show together, and spend an afternoon indulging in some much needed R&R. 

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