Best Summer Activities to Enjoy in Aotearoa with NZ Compare
Dec 21, 2023

Make the most of a classic New Zealand summer with our free or cheap activities guide. 

A classic New Zealand summer is infamous for its sparkling stretches of beaches flanked by the red-dotted Pohutukawa trees, and the tang of a sausage sizzle dancing in the air. Discover the hidden gems and popular places and activities of Aotearoa that allure locals and tourists alike throughout the blazing summer season. 

Take a Hike!

New Zealand enjoys a diverse array of landscapes. From rugged coastlines, to dense forests, to barren volcanic regions that will have you wondering whether you have traversed to the surface of Mars. Whether you want to enjoy a short hike such as the trek to the top of Rangitoto Island, or embark on a multi-day challenge such as the Tongariro Crossing, New Zealand is simply spoiled for choice. There is nothing like slapping on some sunscreen and a hat, stepping into some boots and taking the trek into Aotearoa’s untamed wilderness. 

Strawberry Picking

Stroll through red-flecked aisles of foliage and fill a bucket with your own hand-picked, hand-chosen strawberries. These strawberries are often juicier and sweeter, and are a great summer day activity. Some places even offer raspberries and blackberries. While others also offer indulgent real fruit ice cream and cafes to gather with your family and friends. 

Snorkelling at Goat Island

Just a stone’s throw away from Auckland is one of the most accessible snorkelling spots in New Zealand. Goat Island Marine reserve is the perfect place for a mini-road trip outside of the city, to enjoy some snorkelling, kayaking, and even glass bottom boat tours. Swim and snorkel amongst the sea life in these sparkling turquoise waters. 

Challenge Yourself with Adventure

New Zealand is the country for thrill seekers! Do you have the guts to fall through the sky with a bungee jump or skydive? Or would you prefer to feel the intense power of the water on a jet ski or white water raft? How about zip lining or swinging into canyons? Or would you prefer a trot across the beach on horseback? Whatever thrill your palette and heart can handle, Aotearoa has you covered. 

Kayak our Waters

Aotearoa is truly teeming with water; rivers, lakes and the oceans. One of the most popular places to kayak, if you find yourself in the area, is Cathedral Cove in the Coromandel. Explore this isolated and world-famous bay by your own noble ocean steed – the kayak.

Sunset Picnics

Grab your favourite picnic treats – chips and dip, homemade pasta salad – whatever your heart desires, and take a blanket down to your local nature spot. If you are feeling like indulging in a Kiwi classic, grab some fish and chips! On the beach or at a park, there is nothing like laughing with friends, eating comfort food, and watching the sun dip below the horizon. 

Movies in the Park

Similarly to the sunset picnic, bring your blanket, your snacks, your favourite beverage, and snuggle up next to your friends and family for a wholesome night. Check your local Facebook community pages for locations, times, and movies. This is a great free evening activity for all ages! 

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