Valentine's 2024 Streaming Recommendations with NZ Compare
Feb 2, 2024

Ready for a date night in? Get cosy together with these shows and movies!

Spending Valentine’s Day with a date night in for a movie or bingeing is a wonderful way to slow down and spend time together. Snuggle up, pour the popcorn into a bowl, crack open your favourite beverage, and get ready for a cosy night together. 

We have put together some of the best new shows and movies to watch this Valentine’s Day, including our picks of the best new romantic flicks. 


One Day

If you seek a story with a sweet romantic flare, this 14-episode series will surely quench this interest. Following David Nicholl’s bestselling novel, this melancholic romance tells the tale of two friends who shared a brief romance during university, but had to go their separate ways. The pair meet each other on the same day each year to compare their lives. This is a story of angst and tension that’s sure to make your heart swoon this Valentine’s Day.


If a rom-com is more up your alley, you may enjoy this one starring Tom Ellis and Gina Rodriguez. When sports writer, Mack, targets a charming war correspondent, she falls for him. But along the way, she must learn the art of working on relationships, including navigating all the challenges that come along with them. 

Prime Video


Riverdale’s Camila Mendes and Shadow and Bone’s Archie Renaux star in this classically set-up rom-com. The story starts with a small lie that allows someone to get everything they ever wanted. But this lie grows and rolls them into trouble. The film is set to stream February 9th 2024, just in time for your Valentine’s Day night in. 

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Donald Glover stars in this series based on the film of the same name. But there are differences to the original, mostly that Jane and John Smith’s starts out with the characters as strangers. The series, set in Manhattan, New York,  follows the beginning of their arranged marriage, which is part of their work as spies. 



Marvel’s Echo starts the year off strong with the origin story of Maya Lopez, who was first introduced to the MCU in Hawkeye. The story follows Maya, who is a deaf woman, who reconnects with her ancient roots and Native American heritage through a series of events. There are crossover characters such as Daredevil and his villain Kingpin. With darker tones than what is typically seen in Marvel movies and shows, this story is set to keep you on the edge of your seat with its thrilling twists and turns. 

Genius MLK/X 

This anthology series chronologies the lives of historical and influential names including Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, and Aretha Franklin. The latest instalment follows the lives of two figures who changed the course of American history: Martin Luther King Jr. (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) and Malcolm X (Aaron Pierre). The series follows a parallel narrative of how each person’s character and beliefs were forged through the oppressive racial system of America.


Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

This sequel to one of the most exciting Spider-Man movies follows Miles Morales, who crosses the multiverse and encounters hundreds of different versions of Spider-Man. This stunning visual film comes to life through comic-style animations, heart-felt and creative story-lines, and the web-slinging action scenes. For comic book fans, pay close attention. This film unveils lots of exciting goodies. 

You Hurt My Feelings

When a writer learns that her husband actually doesn’t enjoy the book she’s poured her heart into, her world shatters. Is this a betrayal or just a tough, inevitable pill to swallow for creatives and professionals? The film provokes questions of marriage, work and identity with humour and wit, and authentic, cleverly-written twists.

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