6 Tips for a Successful Work Week with NZ Compare
Mar 20, 2024

Do you want to create a seamless work week with less stress? Read our 6 tips for optimsing the work week!

Creating a system or series of habits that streamline your work week will help you banish the Sunday Scaries, and foster a routine from which you can grow and thrive. Optimise your work week so that you can reduce stress and tackle the week with readiness. 

Here are our 6 best tips for making the work week that little bit easier. 

1. Compare Bills

Did you know that comparing your bills is the most effective way to save money? That’s right! And NZ Compares makes such a task easy and simple. With our range of websites for broadband, power, mobile, and money and finance, you can easily compare your bills side-by-side. It is important to get into the regular habit of comparing what is on the market so that you can make the most informed choice on your various utility bills and find the best plan or deal that suits your unique needs and saves you money. You can put the money saved into other important bills such as your groceries which will help ease stress. 

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2. Switch to a Fast Internet Plan

In light of the above, you can optimise your work week by switching to a fast internet plan. Fibre and hyperfibre plans are designed to deliver you the speediest internet on tiny glass cables that transmit data at the speed of light. Fibre and hyperfibre also allow larger households with multiple users to remain connected at the same time. So if you work from home, you can ensure you have the best experience even if your kid or flatmate is studying or streaming in another room! The best part is none of you will experience any buffering or lagging on a fast internet plan. Upload documents to the cloud and participate in video meetings without having to growl at a slow internet speed.

Fibre vs Hyperfibre

Compare Fibre Plans

Compare Hyperfibre Plans

3. Plan and Prepare Lunches

Having lunch prepped, and waiting for you to grab and go in the fridge is one of the best ways to optimise your work week. Spend a bit of time on Sundays making lunches for the next few work days ahead, and store them in meal prep containers that are easy to stack in the fridge and grab in the morning. You will thank yourself each morning that you don’t have to think about lunch!

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4. Plan Something to Look Forward to in the Weekend

It can help to have something to look forward to that will help get you through the week. A little motivator can keep you looking ahead, and remind you why you are at work to begin with. 

Need Weekend Activity Ideas? 

Here are some Weekend Activity Recommendations

5. Begin the Day with Movement

It is true what they say, movement in the morning will energise you, help loosen your muscles, and ensure you start the day with a healthy habit. Movement will help reduce stress, boost your confidence and feel better about the rest of the work day ahead. 

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6. Plan a Reset Day in your Hous

A reset day is the chores day. Get all the cleaning and laundry done. Grab your groceries, plan and prepare your meals. That way your home is clean so you can get on with the week with a clear mind. Physical clutter can contribute to feelings of stress and overwhelm. So having a clean and tidy home is crucial to ensuring it is a place we can relax after a long day and work from home productively. 

Don’t forget to jump on NZ Compare to compare your bills so you can make savings and smile more throughout the work week!

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