5 Benefits of Fast Internet for Students with NZ Compare
Feb 20, 2024

Going back to uni? Consider investing in fast internet to help you thrive this semester! Read on for the benefits of fast internet for students.

As the semester kicks off, you will no doubt begin studying and working on assignments. Many students work on their study at home, which means they will need the internet to access syllabus, research papers, save work to the cloud, and submit assignments. 

It has never been more important, as a student, to have access to fast internet. But what are the benefits of having a fast internet connection? Is it really necessary?

Fibre and hyperfibre are typically going to work best for students and flats compared to copper networks. With ultra-fast speeds, higher bandwidth, and lower latency, everyone will be able to study and thrive uninterrupted. Here are the 5 benefits of having fast internet, such as fibre or hypefibre, for students!

Benefits of Fibre and Hyperfibre

What is the Difference between Copper and Fibre?

1. Saves you Time

As a student, time is of the essence, with deadlines and semester dates. Many students also work part time and want to keep a social life! It’s important to be able to complete university tasks as quickly as possible. No one wants an assignment to take longer than it needs to because of the lagging internet. You want to be able to research, type and submit your assignments without having to growl at the buffering icon. 

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2. Boosts Productivity

Speedy internet eliminates delays and buffers, allowing you to study without frustrating distractions and interruptions. High-speed internet means documents will upload faster, scholarly articles will load faster, and emails will send and receive quicker, so you can continue to strive and achieve your academic goals. 

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3. Better Security

In this advanced digital age, hackers, malware and malicious software are unfortunately everywhere. However, fibre optic cables, which are the most common internet networks in New Zealand, are a lot more difficult for hackers to breach. Fast internet, such as fibre, will help protect your data and privacy!

4. Supports More Users

If you have a faster internet connection, you’ll also be able to enjoy more users online at the same time. For students who live with other students in flats, having a speedy internet that allows for a higher bandwidth – more users at the same time – is vital for being able to get your work done without having to take turns, or worry about the internet buffering due to your flatmate using it for their studies. 

5. Reliability

Fast internet, such as what fibre provides, offers students more reliability with their connections. Fibre cables are a lot more durable against the elements, so you are less likely to experience interruptions to your connection during storms or when the temperatures change. 

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