Broadband Speed NZ - What broadband speed do you need?


So you want the fastest internet possible yes?

...but why?  Faster is always seen as being better, whether it is broadband internet speed or cars... but when you have speed limits on roads or technology limitations based on your computer hardware then what is the point in having something that can generate the fastest internet speeds in New Zealand?

As a general rule, here at Broadband Compare we believe that faster internet is basically better internet... but there does come a trade-off between speed and price and as a general rule the fastest possible internet isn't always worth paying significantly extra for.

As a general rule, on a fixed line connection, the average download speed in New Zealand is OK and most households can do most things. However, with the increase in the number of devices you will have to connect to the internet growing exponentially over the coming years (from internet connected fridges to TV's and heating controls) you will need to be ready to compare broadband speeds in NZ and compare broadband prices in NZ and if you see a better deal you should switch broadband provider.

For example, if you are lucky enough to already have access to ultrafast fibre broadband then you may be tempted to get the fastest deal available when you are comparing the options.  However, before you commit the extra cash, think about how you use the internet before you pay up to $30 a month extra for a super speedy 200Mbs download speed when 30Mbs may well be more than enough.

If all you do on the internet is browse the web, do a bit of online shopping or use social media then you're not getting the benefit from your 200Mbs connection and you're paying for a Ferrari when you only need a Toyota. 

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TrueNet is an independent internet speed tester and they recently revealed results that showed the difference between webpage download times on 30Mbs and 100Mbs services is small.... very small in fact.  That's because the amount of data for a webpage is really pretty tiny, so your internet speed never gets close to its top speed when downloading a small file and it completes before it even gets going.

TrueNet says 100Mbs and 200Mbs services never reach close to their advertised speeds as they're just not needed for most day to day internet requirements. As a consumer, you'll find 30Mbs more than OK for streaming movies or TV shows in NZ. Even the service provider Netflix only recommends that you need a 5Mbs connection for high definition and 25Mbs for ultra high definition (4K).

the only exception for the everyday person at home is for online gaming where you need the best speeds possible.  If you're streaming content for online gaming or downloading or uploading huge files regularly, then you might want to pay for the extra speed as it will make a difference to your experience.  Some internet providers have specific broadband plans which they advertise as the best broadband plan for gamers in New Zealand.  One such company is MyRepublic.  They have a special Gamer broadband plan which has exceptional speeds and will deliver a great gaming experience.

Another reason for more speed would be if several people in your house are streaming, gaming or browsing at the same time, this can be a challenge when you flat share because that age group is more likely to be streaming or downloading on multiple devices.

Finally, if you are getting stressed about your area not having fibre broadband yet but you already have a VDSL (a faster type of normal broadband) connection then you shouldn't really worry.   Kiwis are getting speeds of up to 60Mbs (though most ISPs promise between 24Mbs and 50Mbs) through some VDSL connections which is quite frankly, exceptional!

So what are we saying?  Well basically the difference between ADSL, VDSL and Fibre broadband is huge and with more than 2500 broadband plans in the New Zealand market you would do well to compare broadband plans on Broadband Compare and then make an informed decision.  Compare broadband plans in NZ for free here an make sure that you weigh up the cost of the extra speed versus the cost of your broadband connection.



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