Do I Really Need the Fastest Internet Possible? With Broadband Compare
May 3, 2024

Do you really need the fastest internet possible? It's always better to make sure you have the right speed for your needs. 

In this current economic climate, where Kiwis are feeling the pinch of the cost of living, you don’t want to be paying more than necessary for your internet bill. As the landscape of modern living, working, and studying has shifted in recent years, there is a higher demand for faster internet connections to meet our working and studying from home schedules, and streaming and gaming needs. 

It is important to choose the right internet speed when signing up for a new broadband plan. There are some speeds of the internet that will suit data-hungry households such as a house of gamers, or a flat of people who work and study from home. 

You Can Have Too Much Speed

You may be paying for more speed than you really need. Internet speeds on most plans can range from 50/10, 300/100, 900/400 and even hyperfibre

Generally, 50/10 Mbps is enough for lots of households in New Zealand. For example, if your children have flown the nest, and you are just using the internet for streaming one video at a time, checking your emails, and browsing the web and social media, 50/10 Mbps will work just great for you. It is also a great choice for smaller households, such as a couple with no children. 

If you are on a fixed wireless plan, it is worth considering moving to the cheapest fibrebroadband plan available to you as fibre is a lot more reliable than wireless – and delivers far more consistent speeds. With its large bandwidth, your connection will not be interrupted when there is more than one device in use. 

The other options of internet speed will suit different households and needs. 

Fibre 300: Faster than fibre 50, this speed would suit larger households who have multiple devices being used at the same time, or users who stream videos, play games and browse the internet. 

Fibre 900: This ultra fast option is great for large households with many working or studying from home, and great for multiple gamers. It also supports 4K Ultra HD video streaming and gaming. 

Hyperfibre: The next generation of fibre comes with lightning fast speeds and is ideal for those who stream lots of 4K videos and games, download large files, and those with lots of users connecting at the same time. 

Fibre vs Hyper Fibre

Choosing the Right Speed

It is important to consider your household’s online activities when deciding which internet speed is right for you. Consider whether you are just a light video streamer and internet browser, or a heavy gaming and working from home household. Don’t forget to think about how many devices you have connected to the internet at any given time. You may have more than you realise. Think – smart TVs, speakers, computers, laptops, mobile phones, and smart washing machines. 

Ultimately, it isn’t always straightforward deciding on the right internet speed for your home. But if you take the time to consider your usage, needs and preferences, you can avoid paying for more speed than you really need. Why pay more than necessary?

Compare Broadband Plans

When you have an idea of what internet speed will be right for your household, it is always a good idea to jump on Broadband Compare, to compare the different fibre broadband plans available to you. Comparing is the most effective way to find the lowest price plan. Make a fully informed choice, and select the plan that is right for you, without paying more than you need to. Broadband Compare can unlock savings that make a difference to your monthly expenses and help ease some stress. Save more, smile more, and enjoy the internet at the right speed!

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