Do you have complaints about your broadband provider?

The Commerce Commission has announced that it is asking for views on what telecommunications providers could be doing better to address increasing complaints about the sector.

Looking at the past year, the Commission said that there had been an increase in the number of consumer complaints and enquiries to the industry dispute resolution scheme. This is an indicator that the industry needs to lift their game.

“The increase in complaints indicates that telecommunications providers need to lift their game to improve outcomes for consumers,” said Telecommunications Commissioner, Tristan Gilbertson.

The Commerce Commission want to know your key pain points

To get a fuller picture, the Commission is asking for views on the key pain points being experience by consumers and what needs to be done to address them, across all dimensions of customers experience. This includes selecting and buying telecommunications services, the say-to-day performance of the service provider, changing to another provider and the complaints process.

“We’re asking for specific examples of the problems consumers are running into and views on how things could be done better. This will help us to understand what needs to change to make a meaningful difference for New Zealand consumers,” said Mr Gilbertson.

Recognising the importance of effective dispute resolution, the Commission is also calling for views on how the Telecommunications Dispute Resolution Scheme could be improved for consumers, as part of a formal review of these arrangements. 

“We look forward to working with industry and consumer stakeholders to produce a plan for improving consumer outcomes – so we get satisfaction levels up and complaint levels down.”

You can have your say on pain points you have had with your provider by completing the form in this letter and returning it to the Commission .

Not happy with your broadband provider?

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