Easter Weekend Streaming Recommendations 2024 with Broadband Compare
Mar 18, 2024

Easter weekend is a great time to snuggle up and dive into a story. Unsure what to watch? Here are our top recommendations for Easter streaming 2024!

The Easter long weekend is a great time to snuggle up and enjoy a movie or TV show. Let yourself relax and recharge your batteries, so that you can tackle the next season of the year with a fresh mind and body. 

Here are some of our recommendations to get you started! 

Netflix for Adults


Starring Millie Bobby Brown, this upcoming fantasy movie will create a spin on the “damsel in distress” trope. In this film, the main character will not wait for the prince to save her from the dragon, and instead she will slay it herself. This film releases March 8th, so it will be ready to watch this Easter long weekend. 

3 Body Problem

The creators of Game of Thrones bring this new science fiction series to Netflix. The story follows the fateful decision of a young woman in 1960s China, which reverberates across space and time, and into the present day. Subsequently, a group of scientists join forces to face the greatest threat to humanity.

Disney Plus for Kids and the Family 

Taylor Swift the Eras Tour Movie

For Swifties and music-lovers alike, the Eras Tour movie captures the magic of two decades of Taylor Swift's iconic albums – her different eras of life. From radio pop hits to slow, ten-minute story ballads, this ground-breaking, record-breaking tour by one of the world’s greatest stars is a must-see. 

Renegade Nell

When a quick-witted, brave young woman finds herself framed for a crime, she finds herself outlawed from 18th Century England and infamous. But when Billy Blind arrives, a magical spirit, Nell Jackson learns that her destiny is something entirely different. 

Prime for Adults

Rick Stannicky

Starring none other than Zac Efron and John Cena, this film follows the story of three friends who have tricked their wives into thinking they have a friend called Rick Stannicky, who they go on holidays with. But this friend is just an imaginary friend. Chaos unfolds when their family start to get suspicious and the trio hire a rock and roll legend impersonator to pretend to be Rick Stannicky.


This poignant documentary takes a different approach to the life and story of legendary artist Frida Kahlo. The story will be told from the words of Frida herself, taken from the artist’s diary entries, letters and more. 

Neon for Adults

The Girls on the Bus

In this new series, four ladies follow the tour of presidential candidates who are less than perfect. As they track the candidates’ every move, the ladies discover friendship, love and scandal along the way. 

The Fall Out

Wednesday’s Jenna Ortega stars in this award-winning film about a shaken teenager navigating life after a high school tragedy. The story delves into themes of pain and coming-of-age and has the courage to pose large questions about the way people cope in the wake of awful events.

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