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Apr 12, 2024

What are the different email providers in New Zealand? And should you still get an email address with you ISP?

Almost everyone uses their email every day. It helps us keep in touch with family and friends, and send and receive important information and documents, such as our power bill and payslip. 

It’s important to choose the right email provider for your needs. Luckily, New Zealander can access a range of free email providers. 

Top 3 Email Providers NZ

Gmail is the most popular email provider. It is free, and integrates well with plenty of applications on your phone and computer. You can use your gmail to login to lots of websites, and it gives you access to a range of Google products such as Docs and Drive.

Yahoo is another option. But this requires you to download the Yahoo mail app onto your phone. It may not integrate as well with apps and websites like Gmail does. It is free to sign up.

Outlook is another popular email address provider that integrates well with Microsoft products such as Word and Excel. This is also free to sign up. 

It is easy to sign up to each of these providers, and you can create your own email address within minutes. 

Can I Still get an Email Address through My Internet Provider?

It used to be a lot more common to have an email address through your internet provider. However, many broadband retailers in New Zealand have ditched this offering. For example, One New Zealand stopped their email address services several years ago. 

We would recommend that you don’t get an email address through your internet provider. It means that your email address is entirely yours, and you don’t have to go through the hassle of letting everyone know your new address if you switch providers

Having your own email address from a free provider such as Gmail or Outlook means you can access your emails from anywhere in the world, and are not restricted to your internet provider and connection. 

Lastly, having your own email address means that you will not be tied to one particular internet provider. You can then switch your broadband provider and plan whenever you like, to make savings, and avoid loyalty tax

Internet provider email addresses are, simply put, a thing of the past. Keep up with the digital age, and sign up to an email address provider, to make sure you can access your emails from anywhere, and remain in control of your communications, internet provider, and expenses!

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