Fibre Broadband vs Fixed Wireless

Fibre Broadband vs Fixed Wireless

Do you often wonder, what the heck is right for you?! Well, the heat is on within the internet industry with new Fixed wireless plans hitting the market, boosting the competition over the fence in the land of fibre.

What is Fixed Wireless?

Fixed Wireless broadband is a connection that uses radio signals rather than fixed phone lines, cable or fibre.  This means it can be subject to interference such as weather, local demand from other users, or local topography - including buildings, hills or even trees and hedges.  A major benefit is that the gateway (modem/router/wifi) can be moved to different locations in your house or even if you move across the country it can come with you, because it only needs to be connected to power and be able to receive a ‘mobile’ signal.

For some Kiwis, Fixed Wireless is the best solution because they move regularly, don't use the web for major streaming sessions or gaming and only need a small amount of data to suit their internet needs each month.

What is Fibre?

Feel the need for speed or have a household full of streamers or gamers? Fibre will probably be the plan for you.

Fibre provides a reliable, consistent experience even at the busiest time of day. It caters to households where everyone wants to be on the internet at the same time, without needing to sacrifice quality and speed of your connection.

So, what’s the difference?

The main thing to remember is fixed wireless can be just as good as fibre connections on days where not all the neighbours are trying to connect as well! Fibre however, keeps your connection uninterrupted and smooth, no matter how many people are streaming. Fibre is the speediest internet in NZ right now.

What offers are out there for ME!

Both Skinny and Vodafone are offering unlimited fixed wireless plans starting from $60 per month, with customers getting the added bonus of a $10 discount if they’re also a mobile customer at the time of signing up. Skinny is sharing the love with 2 months free on any Unlimited Fibre, VDSL or ADSL plan, if you think it's worth a look click here.

Looking for proof of great customer service, maybe NOW Broadband is for you. NOW takes customer satisfaction to the top winning Canstar’s 2021 award for Most Satisfied Customers and they just happen to be promoting 6 months half price on unlimited fixed wireless plans. Customer service and good internet, that's winning!

Bundling your mobile can get you even more right now though and why shouldn’t it!

2degrees are offering unlimited broadband plans for just $65 per month with Amazon Prime Video & Prime gaming included for a year. Just join for 12 months and bundle your Pay Monthly mobile to get the goods. Want more? Enjoy an EXCLUSIVE $50 joining credit on all 2degrees internet plans through Broadband Compare for a limited time.

Remember, if you’re mobile plan is not with 2degrees, Vodafone or Skinny and you like the sound of their deals you either pay $10 more OR just port your number across to them to get the bundle discount. Never fear, you can take your mobile number anywhere!

Fixed Wireless Fan – TAKE ME TO DEALS


Feeling torn between Fixed Wireless and Fibre? Don’t worry, that’s what we're here for!

If you want to know more or maybe one of these deals don’t quite suit your households needs, then give our friendly NZ Compare team a call on 0508 226 672 and we’ll guide you through what the best plans are for you.

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