Get involved with Netsafety Week 2022!
Jul 29, 2022

This week is all about staying safe online. Read on to discover how to do just that!

This week, NZ Compare is a proud official supporter of Netsafety Week 2022! 

Netsafety Week 2022 runs this week from 25-29 July. The week focuses on promoting respectful and positive relationships online by understanding the safety perspectives of different communities. The aim is to create transformational change for the online safety of all people of Aotearoa and to have inclusive and diverse conversations. 

NZ Compare believes that everyone should have a safe and enjoyable experience online, so we are very excited to support Netsafety Week 2022! 

While the week may already be wrapping up, we believe it’s important that all Kiwis take the lessons of Netsafety Week 2022 into the future. So, we’re here to give you a rundown of the week, some easy ways to protect yourself and your whānau online, and how you can still get involved! 

Netsafety Week 2022 is here! 

Netsafety Week 2022 is taking place this week and is just coming to a close! The week has been jam-packed with in person and live events in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, and Netsafe has released a bunch of special resources on their website. 

This year’s theme is: Diversity Matters. Online Safety Done Together. 

This week has focused particularly on hearing from the cultural, marginalised, and under-represented communities of Aotearoa. Everyone was encouraged to share their diverse perspectives about online safety and be respectful of each other’s views. Many of the events and resources were tailored towards different communities so they could be involved as much as possible during the week! 

Here at NZ Compare, we’re all about celebrating diversity. So, we believe this theme is incredibly important as we want all communities to feel safe online. We hope this week’s theme helps people feel empowered and protected. 

This crucial theme has spurred many organisations and people to get involved this week. From schools to companies, Kiwis all across the motu have joined in to help spread the important messages of Netsafety Week 2022! So, we think you should too! 

Incredible resources and events

Netsafety Week 2022 has been an informative week full of events and resources!

The events have covered a wide range of topics catering to communities such as LGBTQIA+ people, seniors, disabled people, and many more! 

Netsafe has also released a bunch of helpful resources for the week. These include easy-read guides for those with intellectual disabilities, support for abuse, online gaming safety, guidance for our tamariki, and plenty more. These resources have been made accessible for many communities as there are copies in multiple languages like Te Reo, Simplified Chinese, Samoan, and Tongan. 

So go on, check out these resources and events! They might be super beneficial for you or or someone in your whānau. 

The goal of Netsafety Week 2022

Netsafety Week 2022 is brought to you by Netsafe. Netsafe is the leading online safety organisation in Aotearoa. They provide support for Kiwis who are facing issues on the internet.

Netsafe receives over 500 reports a week about different online issues. They include bullying, harassment, self-harm, hate speech, school incidents, grooming, and scams. Since Netsafe is constantly made aware of how many problems Kiwis face online, they want us all to work together to make a positive change. 

So, the goal for Netsafety Week 2022 is to bring everyone together to listen and learn to hopefully result in all of us creating safer spaces online. 

Ways that you can stay safe! 

Want a sneak-peek into some of the helpful resources that Netsafe are providing this week? Well you’re in luck! Here are the top tips to keeping safe online brought to you by Netsafe. 

Only share accurate information

A lot of content that appears on the internet is misleading and inaccurate. So make sure to double-check anything you share online and report any fake news you see. 

Support others online

We are safer when we support each other. If you see someone being harassed or bullied online, help them by reporting it to the website or platform. 

Talk openly with friends and whānau

Sharing nudes is common practice for many people, so it’s important to talk with those closest to you about the impacts of sharing explicit images. This will help if something goes wrong. 

Check your privacy

Make sure to look into your privacy settings across the different services you use. Many companies have updated their safety tools, so check out your profiles and see if your settings are up-to-date.

Do your part to create safe online spaces!

The only way that we are going to have safe online spaces is if we work together! This starts by sparking up positive conversations with others and crediting any work that you share.  

For more in-depth ways to stay safe, check out Netsafe’s resources here

Here’s how you can still get involved in Netsafety Week 2022! 

While Netsafety Week 2022 is already coming to an end, there are still plenty of ways you can get involved! 

To start, check out all the resources on the Netsafe website to get clued up! After that, talk with your whānau, mates or colleagues about how you can best support creating safer online spaces. 

If you are feeling especially keen, then why not go one step further. Jump on social media and spread the messages of Netsafety Week 2022 far and wide! Make sure to use the hashtag #NetsafetyWeek2022 on anything you post. 

Don’t forget to follow @netsafenz on TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to keep updated on the important mahi they’re doing. 

To find out more about Netsafety Week 2022, click here

The team at NZ Compare can’t wait to see the positive changes that this week will have on all the communities across Aotearoa. We are thrilled to be part of this movement to create a safer online world for all.