Should You Use a ISP Email Address? With NZ Compare
Apr 15, 2024

Should you use an ISP email address? Or is it better to use your own email address from the web?

There was once a time where it was a lot more common to get an email address through your internet provider, or IPS provider. This isn’t so common a service anymore, and only a few providers offer it now, Spark being one of them. 

For example, Spark offers all broadband customers an Xtra Mail for free until 15 May 2024. However, from 16 May, it will be an extra $5.95 for their broadband customers. 

If you are looking at other internet providers email services, be sure to check and check again, the terms and conditions of this service. You don’t want to be tied to a particular internet provider. Having the freedom to switch as you please, and make savings, is an important part of healthy budgeting. You don’t want to be subject to loyalty tax. 

We would recommend moving away from your ISP email and sign up for your own email address from a web-based service, from a major email service provider such as Google or Outlook. The good news is that signing up to these services is FREE. 

How to Move your Email Address

If you don’t want to be tied down to an internet provider, and pay for an email address, there is a simple process to switching to a free email address. 

  1. Sign up to a free, web-based email address such as Gmail or Outlook
  2. Set up an automatic forwarding rule on your old paid account such as Xtra from Spark. This means that all received emails to your Xtra account, will be forward to your new Gamil or Outlook. 
  3. Switch your email address for as many things as possible, such as logins, and notify contacts of your new email address. 
  4. Set up a filter on your new Gmail or Outlook that labels all emails forward from your old account. 
  5. If people keep emailing your old address, send them a reminder of your new email address.
  6. Send everyone a final reminder after two months. 
  7. Cancel your old email address. 

You can now enjoy the freedom of your own email address that you don’t have to pay for, and that doesn’t tie you to a certain internet provider. 

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