Major Streaming Services Increase Prices in NZ with NZ Compare
Mar 19, 2024

The big four streaming services in New Zealand – Netflix, Disney Plus, Neon and Prime Video – will be increasing their subscription prices. But there are some things you can do to bring down your costs.

As inflation continues to rise, so does the cost of living across the board. It will not come as a shock that New Zealand's beloved popular streaming services are having to follow suit. 

The big four streaming services in New Zealand – Netflix, Disney Plus, Neon and Prime Video – will be increasing their subscription prices in response to the current local and global economy. 

Here are the new prices for the monthly subscription for the four major streaming services.

Netflix: $20.99 (from 7 April 2024).

Disney: $18.99 (from 5 March 2024).

Neon: $19.99 (from January 2024).

Prime Video: $10.99 (from 4 March 2024).

However, not all is lost! There are a few things you can do to combat this without sacrificing entertainment and straining your budget. 

Choose the Cheapest Platform

Prime Video is still very much the cheapest streaming platform in New Zealand, only increasing from $7.99 to $10.99 for monthly subscriptions. Instead of having multiple services that we don’t often have time for or use, cut them down and go for the cheapest option. With a plethora of TV shows and movies, and a robust category of genres for kids and adults alike, you won’t be disappointed with Prime Video’s options. 

Subscribe to Prime Video

Switch to a New Broadband Plan

What does this have to do with subscription services, you ask? A lot, just hear us out! You can take advantage of Broadband Compare to find a better broadband plan. Reduce broadband bills and put those savings towards your streaming subscriptions! You may even be able to score a free subscription to a streaming service when you switch to a new provider as part of your joining perks. Now that is some great savings!

Compare Broadband Plans

Don’t Forget about the Free Options

While streaming services are an incredible way to unwind and connect with stories, the free options are a great way to combat the increasing costs. In New Zealand, you can take use of free services such as TVNZ, threenow and Tubi

Choose One at A Time

Top tip! Subscribe to one service at a time. Try to plan your viewing so that you are not paying for services that you aren’t currently using. 

Best Shows and Movies to Stream

Don’t Forget to Compare Other Bills!

You can battle the cost of living and increased prices by comparing your broadband, power, mobile and money-related bills. By comparing, you can find a better deal, make savings, and put your money towards more exciting things – such as streaming services! 

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