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Jun 16, 2023

Our partners at Code Club are passionate about helping our kids grow their tech skills!

Overview of Code Club/Intro

In a society that is increasingly digital, young people and the education they receive need to adapt. Education in digital technologies, digital literacy, and learning to code from a young age equips our tamariki with the tools they need to thrive in the digital era and ensures they become active participants in shaping the future of New Zealand.

NZ Compare has partnered with a brilliant organisation. Read on and see how you can support their vision. With the guiding belief that every Kiwi kid should have the opportunity to learn to code, Code Club Aotearoa was founded in a small computer lab in Aranui, Ōtauhtahi (Christchurch) in 2014. The no-cost program has since expanded with a network of volunteers and club leaders across the country supporting over 400 clubs and approximately 4000 tamariki to learn to code each week!

What is Code Club in one sentence?

Code Club is a free, nation-wide educational program where young people between the ages of 7 and 13 learn how to code with the support of volunteers and step-by-step guides.  

What do young people learn at Code Club?

Code Club ākonga (students) begin their journey by learning the fundamentals of coding using a visual, browser-based programming language called Scratch. This allows them to understand how code works by moving and manipulating blocks of code like puzzle pieces, instead of writing actual text. As they gain confidence and skills they advance to text-based programming languages such as Python, HTML, and CSS. These require writing code using specific syntax and structure. Some clubs work with robotics and other hardware and the students learn how to program these devices to perform various tasks like moving around, collecting objects and gathering data. 

A successful club comprises four key components: a venue with Wi-Fi, usually a school, library, or community hub; at least one volunteer and club leader; step-by-step coding resources; and a cohort of eager learners! The framework is flexible and sessions are completely free with devices provided by the venue. The step-by-step guides are a mix of those created by key strategic partner of Code Club Aotearoa, The Raspberry Pi foundation and parent charity Digital Future Aotearoa

The impact of Code Club and Recycle a Device

Under Digital Future Aotearoa, Code Club and Recycle a Device form a powerful partnership to create an even greater impact. Many Code Club students lack access to a personal computer or device outside of school, making it difficult for them to continue learning to code at home, especially during long school breaks. The RAD initiative provides devices to Code Club students who do not have access to one at home; empowering them to pursue their passion and continue their coding journey outside of Code Club sessions.

Why Code Club

Code Club is the only free extra curricular coding programme in Aotearoa; alternatives usually have costs involved that maintain the exclusion of certain socio-economic groups and demographics. Tamariki are given the opportunity to discover a passion for coding and develop valuable skills for a changing world regardless of their background. 

The majority of the curriculum has been created by The Raspberry Pi Foundation, world leaders in computing education, education research and non-formal learning. When students complete the curriculum, they’re encouraged to continue their journey with Code Club by becoming volunteers, further developing their collaborative and communication skills and preparing them for a successful career and potential industry/leadership roles.

Code Club also has a significant impact on the volunteers who dedicate their time to teaching these young learners. Volunteers with no prior coding experience are learning new skills and the many who come from a tech background are given the opportunity to build their collaborative and communication skills.

“Volunteering at Code Club has been great for not only my professional development but also my personal growth. Engaging with young learners and witnessing their progress has helped me embrace my own capabilities and boost my social confidence.” - Code Club Volunteer

We want a Code Club in every school, kura and library across the motu and there are many ways you can get involved: 

  1. Volunteer: Code Club Aotearoa relies on volunteers to teach and support students in their coding journey. If you have coding experience or are interested in learning, consider volunteering your time as a mentor.

  2. Start a Code Club at your local school or library: If you are a teacher or parent, you can start a Code Club at your local primary or intermediate school. If you are a librarian contact us to see how you can set up a club at the library. Code Club Aotearoa provides all the resources and support you need to get started.

  3. Donate: Code Club Aotearoa is a non-profit organisation and relies on donations and funding to deliver the programme. Consider making a donation to support our work.

  4. Spread the word: Help to raise awareness about Code Club Aotearoa by sharing our mahi, website and social media pages with your friends and colleagues.

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