More Power Providers Offer Broadband Bundles with NZ Compare
Mar 22, 2024

More power providers offer broadband bundles, offering Kiwis billing convenience, and in, some cases, SAVINGS.

Mercury Broadband is joining an array of power providers who are now offering broadband plans along with a suite of energy services.

Broadband and power bundles are a great option for Kiwis who want to keep their internet and electricity bill together and in the same place. It’s a great way to simplify your budget and in some cases can save money, not just hassle. 

There is nothing better than securing a speedy internet plan, like fibre! Bundle it with your electricity and enjoy the convenience of one bill!

4 Advantages of Fibre

Power Providers Now Offering Broadband Bundles


Mercury Energy has just launched Mercury Broadband and is now offering broadband bundles to Kiwis. Their range of fibre and wireless broadband plans are designed with unique Kiwi households in mind. Bundle your electricity and broadband together to receive a Broadband Bundle Discount. They are also offering other bundle perks that will save you money and deliver flexibility.

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Mercury Broadband Launches Broadband

Pulse Energy

Pulse Energy is another retailer who offers broadband bundle deals. They offer a selection of fibre deals and unlimited VDSL deals, which might suit those Kiwis who don’t yet have access to fibre.

What is VDSL?

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Contact Energy

Contact Energy has been in the bundle business for some time now. Their range of bundle deals include different types of fibre and wireless broadband, so that you can find the internet plan that matches your needs. 

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