Netsafety tips for the Whānau
Sep 14, 2021

Get online smart and safe, it's not as hard as it feels! 

With all this time spent at home with the Whānau, it’s a good time to get internet smart. Don’t wait to the school holidays, take a few minutes to read up, call a family meeting and set some easy guidelines that will keep everyone safe when they’re online.

With so many platforms now out there, it get’s hard to keep track and “be in the know” with what good and bad things are trending.

Why do we need to be safe online?

In the last year, near 23,000 people approached Netsafe NZ for advice on topics including harassment, image-based abuse, self-harm, grooming, hate speech and scams, not to mention the more common issues swamping schools around online bullying. More kiwis need this support but might not know where to reach out to, this is what netsafety week hopes to shine the light on!

They’ve created easy to read guides on how to keep you and the Whānau safe on every app you or the kids are probably using, including Tik Tok, Instagram and Netflix! What’s even better, is they come in six different languages.

Get the best tips from Netsafe and let’s help keep Kiwis safe online! 


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