Norton AntiTrack review
May 16, 2022

Worried about being tracked online? Then you need to get this security product! 

No matter where you go online, you’re likely always being tracked! Trackers are constantly looking at what you’re doing, sending this information off to create targeted ads or information for you that in turn manipulates your online behaviour. 

Worrying stuff right?! 

Luckily for you, Norton has created the perfect solution… Norton AntiTrack! Norton’s new security extension provides the ultimate protection against tracking and helps ensure your privacy as you surf the web. It’s packed with incredible features that make it a must have for your internet security!!

Blocks cookies and fingerprinting! 

Norton AntiTrack is currently available on Windows PC and stops you from being tracked by blocking cookies and fingerprinting. 

If you’re not aware, two of the main ways that you’re being tracked online are through cookies and fingerprinting.

Cookies help websites remember information about you so they don't constantly have to ask you for it. The problem is with third-party cookies where one website will pull in advertisements or information from another website, placing cookies on your system. Advertisers can then link your activity by using these cookies and start tracking your online movements. On the other hand, fingerprinting is where various factors that can be tracked through your browser like your browser version, screen resolution, available fonts on your computer, etc. are turned into an algorithm that creates a unique fingerprint to identify you. This can be used to track you.

We know those both sound pretty scary and to put it lightly…they are. So it’s great to know that Norton AntiTrack is fantastic at blocking BOTH cookies and fingerprinting! 

AntiTrack uses advanced technology to stop cookies from collecting your personal data and uses anti-fingerprinting protection to help obscure your online information. We could dive into the nitty-gritty technical stuff on how AntiTrack is blocking your trackers but the easiest thing to say is that it works. It works extremely well at stopping cookies and obscuring your digital fingerprint.

Norton has really gone above and beyond, using their wealth of internet security knowledge to implement complex systems on AntiTrack that keep you hidden online. So companies won’t be able to find out your information or use it to influence you!


Surf the web uninterrupted! 

As you’ve probably noticed, everywhere you go online, you’ll be greeted by hundreds of ads. Therefore, you may be worried that if you start to block tracking, websites won’t run normally. But you don’t need to stress because the great thing about Norton AntiTrack is that it keeps you protected from tracking without impacting your online experience! 

So, you’ll still be able to surf the web just as you normally do. The only difference is that Norton AntiTrack will be working away in the background, blocking any trackers that come your way! 

If in the rare chance you think Norton AntiTrack is affecting your experience on a website, then you can easily go to the settings feature and disable AntiTrack. You can turn it on or off for specific websites at your convenience. While you’ll likely never have to do this, it’s great that Norton gives you so much control over your online experience and better yet, makes it super simple to do! 

So sit back, relax and go about your online business as usual. Let Norton AntiTrack take care of your pesky trackers! 

Stay informed with the dashboard

Want to stay informed on your trackers? Well Norton AntiTrack has you covered! It features a handy dashboard that displays important information on what trackers are being blocked. 

So whenever you like, you can simply look at the dashboard and you’ll see all the important statistics on what AntiTrack is doing when you surf the web. You can see three key pieces of information. You can see whether the product (AntiTrack) requires any attention, what is being blocked - broken down into categories like ads, shopping or social media, and finally you can see your top trackers - with a list of different trackers, their tracking frequencies and level of concern.

Norton AntiTrack makes it super easy to monitor everything that’s tracking you, keeping you well-informed! 

What’s great is even though the dashboard IS super useful…you don’t have to look at it! Norton AntiTrack works all by itself and you never have to manually do anything after you’ve installed it. Simply leave it to do its own thing and it’ll keep you protected from trackers! So keep living your busy digital life, Norton AntiTrack’s got you covered!

Best of all, it’s super simple and easy to use! 

The great thing about using Norton AntiTrack is that it’s so simple! Just install it onto your computer and pick the web browser you use. Then you’re all set. Yes, that’s it! Now you can browse the web confidently, knowing that you’re constantly being protected by AntiTrack.

What’s our final verdict?

Norton AntiTrack delivers incredible protection against online tracking. It uses advanced technology to stop cookies and fingerprinting tracking whilst never interrupting your browsing experience. It’s super easy to install, set up and will immediately start protecting you without you having to do a thing. It gets bonus points for being super easy to monitor and control with the handy dashboard!

Not to mention that Norton has been one of the most trusted brands in internet security for over 25 years! This company is super reliable and effective. On average, they stop 7 million cyber-security threats a day! So with all this experience, you know you can count on them delivering a fantastic security product. Norton AntiTrack is no exception! 

So don’t let trackers control your online life anymore! Take back your privacy today! 

Get Norton AntiTrack! 


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