Protect Your Identity with Norton Identity Advisor Plus!
Jan 16, 2023

Never worry about online identity theft again with Norton’s fantastic security product!

Are you worried about having your identity stolen online? Well you’re not alone! Many people feel the same way and for good reason. In recent years, identity theft has risen dramatically!

That’s why it’s so important we protect ourselves on the internet as much as possible. When it comes to defending against identity theft, there’s one security product you need to use… Norton Identity Advisor Plus! 

This product is designed specifically to stop your private details getting taken or used AND will help you if your identity is stolen. 

Norton Identity Advisor Plus is available for Windows PC and Mac. It’s packed with heaps of features like Dark Web monitoring, stolen wallet assistance, and dedicated specialist support.

How can my identity be stolen? 

Nowadays, there are so many different ways that your identity can be stolen. Thieves can access and use your information through large-scale data breaches or malware, looking through your online ‘trash’ or mail or scanning your bank card details with devices at ATMs. They can even obtain access to your finances to rack up charges that you’ll have to pay back. 

It’s important you protect yourself against the sneaky actions of these thieves. Luckily, Norton Identity Advisor Plus will help you avoid many potential threats!

Keeping you safe on social media

Norton Identity Advisor Plus will keep an eye on all your social media accounts and notify you if it spots anything suspicious. Currently the security product can monitor Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter. Your social media profiles can be protected against an account takeover, with extra security for YouTube and Twitter, where you’ll be informed about dangerous links or scams. 

You don’t have to stress about your privacy though as Norton Identity Advisor Plus does not check your chats or messages.

Monitoring the Dark Web

Heard of the Dark Web? Well it’s the secret, shady side of the internet where criminals and bad apples go to do all sorts of illicit dealings. Often personal details are shared on the Dark Web through things like data leaks. Norton Identity Advisor Plus will monitor the Dark Web and other private forums to see if any of your details have been leaked. They can search for information like your email address, phone numbers, credit card details, and gamer tags. If your details have been shared on the Dark Web then Norton will notify you. This is incredibly helpful as you can get ahead of the issue. 

No more stressing about your stolen wallet

If someone steals your wallet, then you could be in danger of identity theft. With Norton Identity Advisor Plus, you can call Norton’s specialised team and they’ll help guide you through the process of cancelling and replacing your credit cards, driver’s licence and any other important cards. 

Talk with a specialist

For many people, this is likely to be the most compelling feature of Norton Identity Advisor Plus! The security product provides you with Identity Restoration Support. If you suspect you have had your identity stolen, you can call Norton and they will assign you an Identity Restoration Specialist. This person will guide you through the next steps. They will gather relevant information, and help guide you on how to resolve disputes with relevant parties, and  support you every step of the way until your case is closed. 

This is a fantastic feature that could help heaps of people. When your identity is stolen, it can be an overwhelming and stressful time. By being able to simply jump on the phone with Norton and have an actual human help you through the process of getting your identity back is incredibly valuable. 

Insurance for if things go wrong

If the worst case scenario does happen and your identity is stolen, then Norton will cover various expenses or losses that you may incur up to a combined amount of $58,000. This amount includes coverage of $25,000 for legal fees and $25,000 for any unauthorised payments made in your name that you are now obliged to pay. An additional $3,000 will be provided for loss of income during the period where you are sorting out your finances. Plus, get $5,000 for any other costs that may pop up.  

Final verdict?

Norton delivers another incredible security product with Norton Identity Advisor Plus! This product is loaded with features that will put your mind at ease and help you avoid identity theft.

The two stand-out features for the team at NZ Compare have to be Identity Restoration Support and the included insurance. Being able to have someone you can talk to who knows exactly what to do in the event of your identity being stolen is life-saving and worth more than money can buy! On the other hand, being provided insurance will save you from years of potential stress and pain. 

With all these essential features, it’s a no-brainer to recommend Norton Identity Advisor Plus to all Kiwis!

Not to mention, Norton has been one of the most trusted brands in internet security for over 25 years and for good reason! On average, they stop 7 million cyber-security threats a day. So you know you can always count on them to deliver a reliable and effective product for your PC!

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