NZ Compare CEO Gavin Male talks to The AM Show about broadband connectivity in New Zealand
Nov 2, 2021

The cost of broadband and how prices have fallen, and connectivity improved. We cover it all. 

Kiwis are more dependent on good internet now more than ever.

Covid and the impacts of the Delta variant has highlighted that internet access is an essential service to the way we live our lives now. It has become just as important as any other utility like power or gas to keep your house, education and for many, employment going.

But when it comes to purchasing a broadband service, it can be overwhelming with so many competing offers and plans to choose from. For some Kiwis, it can be challenging knowing where to start and who to trust.

Consumer champion, NZ Compare provides advice to help get kiwis connected. At NZ Compare we strive to create a comparison culture across the country. 


More choice. More Competition. More Comparison Needed.

COMPARE.SAVE.REPEAT. We’re passionate about Kiwis adopting this behaviour. 

There are plenty more broadband options available to Kiwis now, compared to a few years ago.

Broadband Compare, one of NZ Compare’s leading brands, is partnered with internet providers nationwide to bring Kiwis a platter of options to suit their households needs. It can feel like there are a lot of factors to consider when comparing internet plans.

There’s actually over 100 service providers offering broadband. The more providers in the market, the thicker the competition which benefits the consumer.

When the fibre network was built, the government allowed it to be considered open access, reducing the barriers for new service providers to the enter the market. In particular for Fibre plans.

Taken from The Commerce Commission’s annual report, unlimited 100Mbps fibre has gone from $85 to $73 in three years, which is a 16% decrease. Fibre being the most reliable, fastest internet you can get. If you want to avoid buffering movies or frozen zoom meetings, get fibre!


Bundle deals can be confusing. We unpack the packages.

With the competition growing, non-traditional companies are entering the broadband market with bundle offerings. Long gone are the days where every service was separate, you can now get your power, gas, entertainment and broadband all with one provider.

As a result, it puts additional focus on the age-old consumer question, how do you know you’re getting good value?

Our advice is, always do your homework. Take the time to compare what’s out there, at least twice a year.

Your comparison check list:

  1. Identify what you need in your broadband plan to meet your household needs, is it price, customer service or reliability and coverage?
  2. Jump onto
  3. Compare what broadband plans and providers are out there to suit your needs
  4. Make a fully informed choice 

Whether you are looking for fibre, fixed wireless, bundle offers or rural providers, let Broadband Compare help. Our service is free, give our friendly NZ based customer support centre a call today.  0508 226 672

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