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Jun 21, 2024

Spark is raising prices in August for their broadband services in conjuction with increasing industry costs.

Spark is the latest provider to announce their price increase for 2024. Spark broadband and mobile customers are likely to be paying between $2 and $8 per month from August, depending on what their plan is. 

For example, a customer on the Essential Fibre plan could see an increase of $5, or 5.5%. This price rise would be from $91 to $96 per month. 

The Spark price rise, in response to increasing industry costs, will come at no comfort to Kiwis across the country who are all battling the cost of living crisis. 

In the most recent quarterly update, Stats NZ revealed that inflation was sitting at 4% for the 12 months to March 2023. This is down from the previous year of 6.7%. We can expect the next update to come in the next two weeks. 

A Spark spokeswoman has acknowledged that rising prices are not welcome news, but a necessary one. “While we do our best to keep price increases to a minimum, we’re adjusting the price of some of our broadband and mobile plans from August 1 to reflect increases in our operating costs.”

Spark Plan Going UP.png
Spark have emailed broadband customers to let them know that prices are rising on August 1, 2024.

She explains that price increases are necessary to uphold their customer service and maintain the investments made in the technology and network infrastructure.

Chorus, which operates the UFB fibre network, is allowed one wholesale price rise per year to coincide with the rise of inflation. 

Spark, along with other broadband providers such One NZ and 2degrees, tend to offload that increase to their customers through a rise in their broadband prices. 

While Spark has made their price increase announcement, their biggest rivals, One NZ and 2degrees, have not yet made a move to raise their prices. However, given the current cost of the industry, and growing pressures, Kiwis should expect prices to rise soon. 

A spokesman for One NZ has outlined that they are feeling the pressure of rising costs in the industry. For example, employer costs, wholesale price increases, and maintenance costs of the technology and infrastructure. 

The cost of living has seen price rises in various industries, including power, water (for Aucklanders), fuel, and for streaming and subscription services such as Disney+ and Microsoft. If you are struggling with your budget, we highly recommend that you jump on our comparison platforms, to compare your broadband, power, mobile, and finances to unlock savings that can make a difference.

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