Summer Savings Tips
Dec 4, 2023

Discover the ultimate guide to summer saving tips!

The temperatures are heating up and so is, unfortunately, the costs of living. But summer is meant to be a time of joy and making memories. Why don’t you add making savings to your reasons to smile this summer?

Feel the heat of the sun, rather than of bills this summer by looking into the different ways you can save.

Tips for Reducing your Bills and Keeping Cool

Compare AirCons

Make sure you are choosing your air conditioners or fans wisely this summer. Use Price Me to compare different models, their respective energy efficiencies and their initial price across a range of New Zealand retailers. 

Don’t forget to use your Aircon’s effeciently! Clean your air conditioner’s filter using a vacuum cleaner or warm water. Most air conditioners are designed to be used in just one room, so close the doors and windows so it can cool down the room as quickly as possible, and try to avoid cooling down the entire house – it will not work as well! 

Also, set the temperature to between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius for maximum efficiency. If you set the temperature lower, the home won’t cool down any quicker but the unit will be working harder, consuming more energy.

Aircon Buying Guide

Try a Fan

Remember, fans can be more efficient than aircon for some households. You can always delay the need for aircon use by opening the windows, and switching on a fan. If you are truly feeling the heat, turn the fan on for a bit before switching on the aircon to allow the room to cool a little. This will save the aircon from needing to cool down those first few degrees.

Cooling Fans Buying Guide

If you Go Away, Turn Appliances Off at the Walls.

Even if you have a habit of switching your usual everyday appliances off after you're finished with them, like your TV or coffee machine - if the power switch is still ON at the wall, then these appliances will still consume power in what is called standby mode. This means that devices will use a small amount of electricity to be ready when you are, whether that be to power a small light, or a remote-control receiver. There is no point in draining energy unnecessarily, especially when you are out of town. So switch those appliances off at the wall to prevent that sneaky energy use

Cook Outside

If you have a BBQ on hand, summer is the perfect time to take your recipes outside to cook. Using a barbeque doesn’t gobble up as much power as your stove does, helping to keep your power bills in check. By cooking outside, the heat will simply dance away into the summer evening breeze rather than remain in the kitchen. If you don’t have a barbeque, go ahead and compare barbeques on PriceMe to get the best deal.

Compare BBQs

DIY Reflective Window Film

Just like we use reflective shields in our car windows while we are at the beach for the day to keep the heat at bay, reflective window film deflects sunlight from entering our windows and warming up our home. This is one of those little hacks that is small, but certainly mighty!

Compare Window Film

Use a Clothesline

Instead of those energy-sucking dryers that we often need to use during the winter, hang your laundry outside on a clothesline or clotheshorse this summer. With the blazing heat and the summer breeze, they will dry in as little as a few hours. Not only will your laundry smell lovely, but the sunshine and breeze will not loosen or shrink as they often do in the dryer – saving you money on clothes in the long term and energy in the short term! 

Compare Clotheslines

Start a Veggie Garden

A rewarding long term solution, starting your own veggie garden is a great way to have seasonal produce on hand next year, saving you money on groceries. A sustainable alternative project that is wonderful for the earth, your tummy, and your wallet.

Insulation and Sealing the Home

Make sure the insulation in your home is in good condition, or if you need to refresh it. Check if there are any gaps in windows, doors, walls or in your ceiling. These can leak the cool air from your air conditioning, and eat up more energy. You can reduce your energy consumption by creating an airtight home. 

Compare your Bills!

1. Compare Power

This summer is undoubtedly going to be a hot one. Many of us will crank up those air conditioners, and take reprieve from the sun and heat by jumping online to stream our favourite shows or scroll social media. 

With a handy resource like Power Compare, you can browse all the power provider options to see if there is a better deal out there. You may find a cheaper deal, one of better value, or one that simply suits you family or household better – so that you can continue cooling off with the peace of mind that you have compared the options out there, and made an informed choice. You can truly save hundreds of dollars doing this – and it is made so easy with Power Compare. 

Compare Power

2. Compare Broadband

In the same vein, Broadband Compare is a great way to compare which internet providers will work best for your budget and needs this summer season. When you switch to a new provider, you can often make use of joining perks or freebies! Many broadband providers will want to entice you with their array of bundles and deals. Some offer discounted months of broadband, and free streaming services amongst other great perks which will save you money! Simply enter in your address on Broadband Compare and browse through all the options.

Going Travelling for a month or two? You can also compare broadband options that run by monthly payments, and that do not have termination fees. This means, you can pause the plan while you are away, so that you don’t incur those pesky, and rather expensive, termination charges. 

Compare Broadband Deals

3. Compare Mobile Plans

With road trips on the horizon, days at the beach, and treks into national and regional parks, summer is the time that many of us disconnect from the world and our typical day-to-day demands. But in a modern society, we still need connection. Our devices keep us safe, help us navigate those long and windy New Zealand roads to our summer batch, and help us book a dinner reservation on the go. So you may find yourself needing more mobile data at this time of year. 

Mobile Compare makes it easy to compare a range of different mobile plans and providers so that you can choose the best option to suit your needs and summer itinerary. Switch now to stay connected anytime and anywhere!

Compare Mobile Plans


Or, if you’d prefer to chat to a person, NZ Compare’s friendly customer support team are happy to help you compare service providers. Give them a free call on 0508 22 66 72.

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