The difference between fibre and hyperfibre with NZ Compare
Feb 16, 2024

Ever wondered what the difference is between fibre and hyperfibre? Read on to find out and whether it is right for you!

What is Fibre?

Fibre broadband is a type of internet network that uses fibre optics cables to transmit data. These cables are made up of hundreds of tiny glass pipes that transmit data with light. Fibre is the next revolutionary development of broadband technology, overtaking copper cables, its once dominating predecessor. With fibre, users can enjoy incredibly quick upload and download speeds, lower latency, and overall, a far better reliability and performance. This means you can stay connected and enjoy a lag-free experience. 

Who has access to Fibre?

Most Kiwi households have access to fibre networks. While the technology was initially installed and concentrated in busy urban areas and suburbs, it has since replaced copper cables, and benefited many more remote communities especially with its ability to transmit data over great distances. As of 2022, 87% of New Zealanders had access to fibre. (Chorus, 2023). 

Who is Fibre for? 

Fibre is for Kiwis who want to have multiple devices connected and streaming at the same time. It is great for those working or studying from home. Fibre is amazing for those who want a faster  and more reliable connection, with a seamless experience and minimal lagging. Stream with ease! With fibre, everyone wins. You don’t worry about having to wait for your brother to finish gaming before you can watch your favourite show!

Benefits of Fibre

  • Better signal strength over large distances and less interference.
  • Larger bandwidth so the whole household can be gaming, watching, working and chatting without interruption. 
  • Lower latency, so you can game your heart out and participate in video conferencing.
  • Consistency, reliability and all round better experience. 


What is Hyperfibre?

Hyperfibre is the next generation of fibre, and is no doubt going to rehash the digital landscape in Aotearoa and beyond. Hyper Fibre enjoys ultra-fast speeds of 2000, 4000 and 8000 Mbps. The major difference between fibre and hyperfibre is the lower latency and higher bandwidth, meaning that it is designed to connect multiple wired devices. 

Hyperfibre speeds and capacity is going to change the way home users stream, allowing them to stream as much video and games as they want, with as many devices as they want, all the while delivering a seamless experience, particularly for avid gamers, who seek an interruption-free session. Hyperfibre is groundbreaking in its capacity to unlock creativity, innovation, and academic excellence, fostering opportunities for students and professionals with a service that knows no barriers.

Who has access to Hyperfibre?

Hyperfibre is available to over 75% of New Zealand towns and cities. In certain areas of Wellington and Auckland, homes and businesses can receive Fibre 8000. This technology is still rolling out steadily across the country, with the goal of soon becoming the new standard for fibre connection and available anywhere that the original fibre network is. 

Who is Hyperfibre for?

Hyperfibre is much faster than fibre. But fibre is still incredibly fast – it runs at the speed of light, afterall! In saying that, avid gamers may consider switching to hyperfibre for much lower latency and faster speeds. It’s okay for your opponent to defeat you, but not a lagging internet connection! Another household member can also stream in 4K while you game. How cool? Hyperfibyre is great for those who want to work and learn from home more efficiently and share large data files instantly. It’s also a great choice for those who need to use voice and (4K/8K) video applications. Households who experience buffering when all their devices are in use at the same time may decide to invest in hyperfibre for a better experience for everyone. 

Who isn’t Hyperfibre for?

Since Hyperfibre is still a relatively new technology, it’s a more expensive option. Not every household needs to be connected to hyperfibre just yet. Like we said, fibre is still really fast. So if you are just wanting your wifi to be faster, hyperfibre isn’t for you. It also isn’t for you if you have no wired devices such as a playstation or XBox. 

Benefits of Hyperfibre

  • Game till your heart’s content, even when someone is streaming 4K downstairs!
  • Connect multiple devices, including wired devices so no one in the house gets left behind. 
  • Upload and download large files instantly. 
  • Lower latency and high bandwidth, meaning you’ll enjoy lag-free streaming. 


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