Top 4 ways to max your wifi speed

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Here’s how to get it!

Super-fast broadband sounds so good on paper when the reality is anything but. Constant buffering, weak signals and sites that won’t load, even if it looks like you have a full signal.

The good news? These things are fixable! Here we’ve covered four ways to get your broadband speed up – so you’re getting it at max power!

Get closer to the router

Having just a single router might mean you can watch YouTube or download files easily when you’re nearby, but wander off to the other end of the house and you may find your internet grinds to a halt.

You could also move your router so it’s in the middle of your house, somewhere up high. If you’re on fibre that will mean getting Chorus out to move your ONT box.

The best solution? Just sign up to MegaTEL – all their customers get a premium WiFi extender worth $299, free. It’s controlled from your mobile and is ridiculously easy to set up.

The extender is part of a mesh system, and you can add as many devices as you need, so no matter how big your home is, it always feels like you’re right by your router.

Scan for viruses

Viruses and spyware also affect your internet speeds by running programs and creating a rush-hour traffic jam for your download speeds. You may want to try running some antivirus software or get a full check-up by an IT expert. MegaTEL’s premium WiFi extender also has built-in antivirus feature so it self-controls to protect your internet and provides you worry-free environment!

Switch to a new plan

If it’s been a few years since you signed up to your broadband plan, it’s a good time to look around at what’s new on offer. There might be a far better broadband deal waiting for you out there. Just think – paying less for far better internet speeds!

Reduce network traffic jam

If you have too many devices competing for your bandwidth, things will slow right down. MegaTEL’s smart system shares and prioritises the bandwidth between apps and devices to make sure everyone using it has the best experience possible. 

Don’t put up with slow wifi

Set your broadband up to be the best it can be. Sign up to MegaTEL and get the premium WiFi extender for FREE. Make sure you’ve got broadband with built-in anti-virus protection and a smart function that shares bandwidth amongst all your users and devices.

While you’re at it, check out these top broadband deals from MegaTEL - get better service, better speed and lower monthly costs.



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