Top reasons to switch to Fibre Broadband

The Government says that 87% of New Zealanders (over 1.8 million homes & businesses) will have access to fibre broadband by the end of 2022

The latest figures say that 1,004,385 homes and businesses are able to connect Fibre broadband. Around 60% have switching to the benefits of a fibre connection leaving 40%, or around 400,000 homes and business, on an old-fashioned inferior broadband connection*.  

Fibre is awesome, and offers lots of benefits to old-school broadband options like ADSL or VDSL. If fibre is available in your area, but you haven’t upgraded yet, here are our top reasons to switch to fibre.

1. Fibre offers a better broadband experience all around

Ultra-fast Broadband, or Fibre broadband, uses fibre optic cables to deliver a broadband connection to your home. It is much more advanced and efficient than the copper technology (ADSL and VDSL) that was rolled out in New Zealand over the last century.  Fibre Broadband offers a consistent high-speed connection that won’t fluctuate during peak usage times

2. Fibre Broadband Plans offer the best value

Fibre Broadband is the most popular type of broadband available in New Zealand. Research carried out last year for Broadband Compare indicated that most customers on ADSL or VDSL broadband plans could save by switching to Fibre Broadband. Better broadband for less money? Yes please!

Take a moment to enter your address into our address checker to see how much you could save by switching to Fibre Broadband.

3. We need the internet more than ever in 2020

As we’ve spent more time that ever at home in 2020, New Zealanders have broken records when it come to our internet use. Whether you use the internet to stream On Demand TV shows, watch Netflix, chat with friends and family on Skype or Zoom, or to work or study – Fibre Broadband will offer the best user experience.

4. It’s probably easier to install than you think

Christchurch-bases broadband provider Enable recently completed research looking at the reason why people may not upgrade to fibre. A key theme for people who wanted to upgrade was the belief that gaining approval from neighbours or landlord if hard, or worries about the installation process damaging properties.

Change made to the in recent years to the Fibre Consent Process have made it easier for many customers to have fibre installed in their home. For example people living in homes with shares driveways, private roads or multi-owner buildings like apartments. Installation methods that have the least impact on a property is a priority for fibre installation companies. For example installing cabling following fence lines or using methods like slot cutting (a thin 10 millimetre cut in hard surfaces).

5. ADSL & VDSL broadband won’t be around forever

As the Fibre Broadband network becomes more widely available in New Zealand, Chorus have permission to withdraw the copper based telephone and broadband network (that provides ADSL or VDSL internet) in areas where Fibre is available. The withdrawal of copper broadband is still a way off for most New Zealanders, but it’s worth beating the rush and upgrading to Fibre now.  

What are you waiting for? Enter your address to check whether Fibre Broadband is available at your address. Upgrade today.

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