Tips and Savings for Broadband Issues with NZ Compare
Feb 5, 2024

Experiencing broadband troubles? Avoid unstable connections and pricey bills with these tips! 

Have you recently been relaxing on the couch, streaming your favourite show, when all of a sudden, the show lags? Or buffers? What about when you are gaming? Did your opponent defeat you because of a poor internet connection?

A recent Neighbourly poll revealed that Kiwis often face issues with their broadband that disrupt their experience. The common answers were slow speeds, unstable connection, and expensive monthly bills.

If you are looking for ways to quicken your internet speeds, experience a more reliable connection, and reduce your broadband bills, we have collected some of our best tips!

Run a Speed Test

By testing the speed, you can make sure that the speed is actually the problem. You can then see if the speeds you are getting match the speeds of your plan. If they do match, and they aren’t quite living up to your needs, it may be time to consider switching to a new plan or provider. You can use Broadband Compare, a free tool designed to help you compare broadband plans side-by-side so that you can find the plan that will suit your needs the best.

Check Your Speed

Consider a Mesh Wifi Network

Like magic, these little mesh wifi devices help disperse the wifi to all the corners of your home. Meaning that no room, or no device is left behind, and you don’t have to worry about losing connection in a certain spot in your house. 

Shop Mesh Wifi Extenders

Choose a Different Fibre Plan

Different fibre plans will offer different speeds. Use Broadband Compare to compare the variety of plans and fibre speeds available to you. You never know, you may find a plan that offers faster speeds for more value than your current plan! 

Compare Fibre Plans

Compare to Save Money

Comparison is one of the most powerful ways you can save money in the long term. When you use Broadband Compare to compare broadband options available to you side-by-side, you are more likely to find a deal that will offer you more value for money. Not only will this help you save money over time, but many broadband providers offer joining perks such as free subscriptions for streaming services for a year, or a discount on broadband for the first couple of months. 

Take advantage of Broadband Compare, find a better plan, save money, stay connected to faster internet speeds and smile more. 

Visit Broadband Compare

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