Cheap Valentine's Day Date Ideas 2024 with NZ Compare
Feb 6, 2024

Want to spend time together this love day? Check out our budget-friendly date ideas for Valentine's Day 2024!

Valentine’s Day has had a long and often mysterious history. It was romanticised by famous poet William Shakespeare and was popularised when the tradition made it to the New World and the Industrial Revolution brought about factory-made cards in the 19th Century. With symbolism of cupids, hearts, chocolates, and hues of pinks and reds, this is a fun holiday that many couples, both new and old, look forward to each year. It’s a time to show extra love and care for one another and create new sweet memories together. Whether that be with your loved one, or even your friends, Valentine’s is a day about spreading love. 

But what if you are wanting to choose a budget-friendly date? Stuck for ideas? We have created a list to get you started. 

Visit a Cat Cafe

Imagine curled up with a coffee in hand, and a friendly kitty beside you? There are several cat cafes across New Zealand, where you can visit rescue kitties and kittens, and enjoy a beverage. There is typically a small entry fee, but the funds often go towards caring for the cats. Most of them operate by taking in rescues and some have kittens who have come from charities and are looking for their new forever home. A cat cafe is a cosy and adorable place to visit this valentine’s day! To find a cat cafe near you, just google “cat cafes.”

Paint and Sip Night

Grab some paints and canvases, your favourite beverage, and your favourite person. Together, you can create art true to you and your connection with one another. Whether you create portraits of one another, or sweeping landscapes of your favourite places. Painting, paired with a yummy drink, is a cheap date idea for Valentine’s day that you will remember for years to come. It’s sweet, gentle and colourful.

Takeaway and Sunset

Grab your favourite takeaway meal, whether that’s a pad thai, a burger, or just some easy fish and chips, and take yourselves to an epic sunset location. The sun sets in the west, so make sure you have a great view in that direction. Perch on a picnic blanket, eat yummy food, and soak in the fiery gradient of hues while you enjoy each other’s company.

Cook Together

There is nothing more intimate than taking to the kitchen together. Sampling flavours and taking the time to craft a meal that you will both enjoy will encourage you to slow down and disconnect from other demands. Try a new recipe. Or recreate a favourite. Whatever you do, cooking together is a great bonding experience. 

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Hit the Trails

Aotearoa is simply spoiled for hiking trails. From treks along the stretches of rugged coastline, to exhibitions across volcanic terrain, to the birdsong of forests. Exploring the trails and diverse natural landscape is a free date idea for Valentine’s Day. While free, there is so much opportunity for bonding, including the challenge of the trail and the time you have to dive into meaningful conversations. If you decide to turn hiking into a camping date too, don’t forget to pack a sturdy tent and sleeping bags. Check out PriceMe to find the best prices for camping gear such as tents and sleeping bags. 

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Stroll through a Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s markets are a hubbub of sights, sounds and smells. There are trucks selling coffee and hot chips, or stalls offering cultural street food. There are also stalls sellings arts and crafts, plants and even luxury dog food. Grab a coffee, and take in the array of senses together. If you decide to buy some goods or a yummy treat, you’ll be supporting small local businesses and non-for-profit organisations. 

Compare your Bills

Okay, we can see that this isn’t the most romantic option out there! But if you and your loved one want to feel productive, and make some savings, then compare your bills. You could even do this ahead to save money to spend on your loved one, or together before you head off on a more fun date idea like any of the ones suggested above!

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