DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2024 with NZ Compare
Apr 30, 2024

Want to show Mum love this Mother's Day by crafting her something special? We have 5 ideas for sweet DIY Mother's Day gift ideas.

Crafting your own gift for Mother’s Day is an amazing way to show your love and appreciation for her. She will be able to see the time and effort you put into making something she would love. 

If you feel like getting creative and putting together something unique and special for your mum, grandma, or significant other, our DIY gift ideas will help get you started.

1. Homemade Breakfast

A forever classic, and for good reason. Mums just love being spoiled with a home cooked breakfast on Mother’s Day. You could set the table with pretty decor such as napkins in rings, flowers as the centrepiece, and candles. You could also get creative and craft your own napkin rings. Whip up her favourite breakfast. Bacon and eggs? Waffles and fruit? Coffee and eggs benedict? A homemade breakfast is a great way to involve the kids and is the perfect DIY experience gift that will make her feel loved and appreciated. 

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2. Mason Jar Candles

Candles are easy and quick to make once you have all the supplies and they’re a great gift that you can customise to match your mum’s preferences. There are plenty of tutorials that you can find online to craft a sweet candle that will have her thinking of you each time she lights it. Choose the fragrance and colour that she likes and you can even create your own label to stick on the front. 

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3. Salt Gift Set

Spice up your mum’s kitchen with some flavoured salts, crafted by you with love. Lemon salt? Rosemary garlic salt? There are plenty of recipes you can find with a quick Google and you can gift them to her in cute little spice jars with your own handmade labels. 

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4. Take her on a Walk and Picnic

Another DIY experience gift. You could even grab her a pair of new hiking shoes if she needs new ones. Pack a picnic and hit one of the hundreds of stunning New Zealand walking trails. We are lucky enough to have a range of walks to choose from, depending on where you are located, from sweeping coastal landscapes, to lush forest teeming with birdsong. Your mum will just be happy to spend some quality time with you and the family. 

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5. A Mother’s Day Cake

Get yourself into the kitchen and whip up your mum’s favourite cake. Does she like carrot cake? Or prefer a rich chocolate cake? You can decorate it with sprinkles, dried fruit, or colouring piping icing. She will appreciate a delicious edible gift that you can share together. 

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