What is Comparison? Why is it Good for Me? With NZ Compare
Apr 2, 2024

NZ Compare is on a mission to help Kiwis make better choices with the money and unlock savings. Did you know comparison is a quick, easy and powerful way to SAVE MONEY?

Here at NZ Compare, our mission is to help Kiwis make the most informed decisions and ultimately get the most value possible out of their purchases. In today’s current economic climate, being able to make savings, through the art of comparison, is an imperative habit that all Kiwi households should implement into their lives. 

But What is Comparison?

At NZ Compare, comparison is about having all the information available to you. We have our range of websites, and they are each designed to help you compare your utilities and product prices side-by-side. Your household can save, save, save and stress less!

We have Broadband Compare – to compare the broadband plans and providers available to your in NZ.

We have Power Compare – to compare your power bill.

We have Mobile Compare – to compare your mobile phone bill.

We have Money Compare – to compare other bills such as mortgages, insurances, and other finance bills. 

Lastly, we have PriceMe – so you can shop from the comfort of your couch and compare over 1 million products from home appliances to kids toys. 

With easy-to-navigate interfaces, our websites allow you to filter your preferences for your utilities bills and compare the different plans and providers side-by-side. Ultimately, NZ Compare’s websites are designed to help you find the best deal possible for your needs and so your household can save hundreds of dollars each year.

What are the Benefits of Comparison?

Making an Informed Decision

It is true what they say, knowledge is power. NZ Compare is created to provide Kiwis with all the information you need about the plans and products available to you in one place. By having all the information, you are more likely to choose the plan or product that will best suit your unique household needs and not purchase something that either undercuts you, or delivers features that you don’t need. Comparing empowers you to make a fully informed decision!

Find the Best Deal

Every household in New Zealand has different needs and wants. One household may be full of university students who both study, work and stream from their flat. They may need a broadband plan that delivers speedy fibre and a standard user power plan that ensures they’re not paying for more than they need. Whereas another household may be a young working couple, who have a gas stove and only use their internet connection for browsing the web and streaming their evening show. They might not need such a robust internet plan and may only require a low user power plan. 

Comparison equips you with the knowledge of what is available to you, so you can compare the different offerings of a range of providers and plans and find the deal that will match your unique needs. 

Low User vs Standard User Power Plans

Fibre vs Hyperfibre

Keep Up to Date with Market Changes

In this current climate, where Kiwis are continuously having to monitor their budgets, it is equally important to keep up to date with market trends and prices within the telecommunications and power industries. By keeping up to date, you can prepare yourself to make switches to your plans when necessary and be sure that you aren’t paying too much.

Prevent Falling Victim to Loyalty Tax

Loyalty tax is a colloquial term for a consumer staying with the same provider or plan for the sake of convenience and ease. Consumers may not realise that they are actually falling victim to increased prices from their loyalty to the same plan and provider, and that they could save lots of money over a year by switching to another plan. 

Ready to Compare

NZ Compare makes it easy to compare different plans and products. We understand that Kiwis don’t want to have to jump through hoops to find the best deal. 

It is simple to compare with these easy steps: 

  1. Jump on the website. 
  2. Choose what you’d like to compare: broadband, power, mobile, money, or prices.
  3. Either enter in your address and/ or choose your preferences or enter in the product. 
  4. Compare the plans and prices side-by-side.
  5. Find one you like and switch or purchase!
  6. Smile, knowing you have made an informed decision and saved money!

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