Here’s why you can trust NZ Compare!
Mar 17, 2022

We love to be transparent. So here’s the reasons why you can be confident in using our services!

NZ Compare was created to help Kiwis compare and save. We launched back in 2016 with Broadband Compare and have grown our comparison websites to include Power Compare, Money Compare, and most recently and PriceMe. Our goal is to be the #1 trusted source of information for personal finance, utilities and overall just saving money in New Zealand!

We’re passionate about getting you the best plan that suits your needs. We provide an incredible service to help you make a fully informed choice.

But you may be thinking…why should I trust NZ Compare?? 

Here’s why! 

It’s free! 

To start, we provide a free-to-use service for you! If you go on our website, start using the comparison tool and find a plan you love that you’re keen to switch to, awesome! Doing that costs you nothing. The whole experience won’t cost you a cent. 

Even better, you can give our friendly customer support team a free call on 0508 22 66 72. So if you’re not super tech savvy or just want to speak to another kind human, then the team will happily help you out. Again, this costs you nothing! 

We’re so stoked to be able to offer you this great service- free-of-charge. Because we believe all Kiwis deserve to choose the best plan for themselves without being charged for it.

Here’s how NZ Compare makes money. 

It’s clear we provide an awesome free service for Kiwis. So, now you’ll definitely be thinking… how does NZ Compare make money?! 

Well, it’s pretty simple. We receive a small fee from providers if you switch to them. That’s it!

So, it’s in our best interest to do right by you as that keeps our business going. 

There’s nothing sneaky to our business. We don’t auction off customers, where the highest bidder gets you and you’ll be told to switch to them. We only do what’s best for you, every time.

We work with everyone! 

When it comes to the providers that we work with… we work with all of them! 

We work with big, small, old and new businesses. We’re unique in that we don’t choose a handful and shut out everyone else. Chances are if they’re a provider in the game, we’ll be working with them!

We love working with retailers that have been around a long time like Genesis Energy, Powershop or 2degrees and Slingshot. It’s great giving Kiwis the choice to join these providers with their awesome deals! 

But we are also really passionate about helping other Kiwi providers with a shot at finding new customers. Providers you might not have heard of yet or know much about. We work with power companies like Ecotricity and Megatel, and broadband companies like Kiwi Internet & It and Ultimate Broadband. Shining a light on these providers is something we love because they have just as much to offer you! We’re equally happy that this can result in Kiwis discovering providers who might give them a great deal for their specific needs. It’s a win for everyone!

Our customers are our top priority! 

NZ Compare is customer first, business second. We always prioritise our customers.That’s why we put the power into the hands of our customers by letting them see the options available to them and allowing them to make their own informed choice with our help.

We don’t push you into getting a deal because we’ve partnered with a certain company. We don’t force you to take a deal that’s good for our business but bad for your needs. That’s not us!

However, this isn’t shared across the industry. Not all companies care so much about the customer. So we’re always challenging this notion! We do this by putting the customer before the business and sometimes even before the retailer! Because we know that being authentic in our customer-first strategy is key in maintaining the trust of Kiwis to Compare.Save.Repeat.

We love to see our customers walking away with a plan that they absolutely love! That’s all we care about. That’s why we find Kiwis choosing to come back to us over and over again!

We’re here to support the community!

Part of the kaupapa of NZ Compare is about supporting the community. We want to make a big impact on the lives of all Kiwis!

Therefore, we’ve created some really strong relationships with Consumer NZ, The Commerce Commission, Neighbourly, Chorus, Tuatahi First Fibre and Enable. All these companies are consumer focused, community focused and Kiwi focused just like us. 

We’ve even partnered with not-for-profits like Recycle A Device (RAD) which is an awesome company that looks to close the digital divide by refurbishing old laptops and tablets, and giving them to rangatahi who need them. Even better, they’re empowering high-schoolers by getting them to do the refurbishments. Wicked stuff that we’re happy to get behind!

We really care about Kiwis getting the best deals because we know how much it’ll benefit their lives. So, we’re really excited to work with other companies that share this passion!

NZ Compare sounds epic! How can I compare?!

As you can see, NZ Compare is a trustworthy company since we do right by all Kiwis. So, surely now you’re keen to compare those power, broadband and financial plans?? 

Well you’re in luck. NZ Compare makes comparing super easy! All you have to do is jump on our website, enter in a few details and then you’ll get all the plans in front of you on one page, with the ability to compare providers side-by-side! 

So, don’t wait! Go on and check us out!

Alternatively, if you’d rather talk to another friendly human, then give our customer support team a free call on 0508 22 66 72. Don’t worry we don’t do cold calls either! Plus, our team’s based in Auckland. More reasons why you know you can trust us! 

Being one of Aotearoa’s most trusted brands is a goal that we will always strive for! Ultimately, we’re here to do what’s best for all Kiwis across the motu. 

So jump on and compare, it may be the best thing for you! Trust us!