How to Host the Perfect Olympic Viewing Party with NZ Compare
Jul 11, 2024

Hosting an Olympic viewing party? Our 5 tips will help make it go smoothly!

So, you’ve got some friends and family coming around to watch the Olympics? Time to get prepared so that you can have the best viewing party possible! 

We have put together a guide to help you prepare, so that you can avoid hiccups and enjoy the show! It’s all possible to do on a budget. 

1. Compare Broadband Plans

Are you on the right broadband plan? Could you be on one that offers better speeds, such as a faster fibre plan? One of the best ways to ensure a successful watch party is to have an internet plan that delivers the right speed, without putting you through the dramas of lagging and buffering and without charging you for more than you need either. Jump on Broadband Compare before your mates arrive and compare your plan against the ones available within minutes. Broadband Compare is the gateway to better broadband deals, and savings that will make a difference, so you can put that money towards snacks and drinks with your friends. 

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2. An Epic Entertainment Suite

You’ll need the right tech equipment to host this party. If you are in the market to upgrade your TV, jump on PriceMe to be sure you get the best deal. For those who enjoy hosting, a large TVwith clear line work, high definition, and vibrant colours are a must. Don’t forget the audio! Be sure to connect your speakers and even have a play around with surround sound so you can enjoy the opening ceremony and the roar of the crowds from all angles. Don’t forget to test all screens and audio ahead of time to make sure they work!

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3. Prepare the Snacks and Beverages

Crank up that popcorn maker, bake those treats, and prepare your fizzy drinks with your soda machine. If you are doing some baking, we’d recommend doing it earlier in the morning, or the day before, so you don’t stress about mess or about getting them done in time for your guests to arrive. And don’t forget to put the fizzy drinks in the fridge once you carbonate them!

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4. Try a Themed Bingo Game

A themed bingo game would help get everyone interacting with both the games and each other. A Kiwi commentator says a New Zealand slang word? Cross off a box! There are so many ways you could make this fun and customisable for your guests! Be sure to print out your homemade bingo cards ahead of time.

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5. Clean Smarter, Not Harder!

Your guests will not notice the odd few crumbs or dust in the corners of your home when they arrive. Give the bathroom and kitchen bench tops a wipe down. Straighten up your living room. Have a recycling bin and empty rubbish bin on hand. But save the heavy cleaning for after your guests leave. You’ll thank yourself for not having to go too crazy with double cleaning, and your guests will very likely not notice. And don’t forget to light a couple of candles, or flick on some LED ones for some cosy lighting ambience when your guests arrive.