How to nail an online interview during COVID-19

The world has transformed where working from home is the norm and online isn’t just for dating. More and more companies are conducting their recruitment process digitally from start to finish.

COVID-19 has made many companies re-think traditional recruitment methods and the time spent on conducting them in person.   Online or phone interviews are increasing have become increasingly common during the pandemic.

Does the idea of an online interview make you nervous? Job applicants can sometimes feel disadvantaged without that face-to-face interaction of an in-person interview. We need to keep up with this new trend.

Don’t get caught out and don’t get worked up, be smooth, you can still make the right impression. Here’s some tips to nail your online interview during COVID-19.

  1. Practice run - Ask a mate to do a test run with you, how do you sound, how do you look, is anything causing distraction in the background?
  2. Do your checks - Test your laptop and connection prior to the interview, including your camera, microphone and battery life.
  3. Dress to impress - It may be online but what we wear can be a tool we use to express who we are. Show you are ready, even though you’re wearing your pj bottoms.
  4. Body Language – You’re not in person, so use your body to show engagement. Look into the camera, smile, use your hands, sit forward, control your tone and speak clearly
  5. Breathe – It’s ok to take notes, it’s ok to stumble, it’s ok to ask “can you repeat that again” just add “the connection wasn’t good”.
  6. Make sure you have a good broadband connection - Speaking about your broadband connection, a high-speed reliable internet connection can make all the difference. Compare broadband plans to make sure you have the highest speed connection available in your area.  
26 February / latest news
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