Lockdown Boredom Busters
Aug 31, 2021

BOOM!  ….and all of a sudden we’re almost two weeks into lockdown life again... with more to come.  Things change quickly eh!

Well, now that we have all had a bit of time to adjust to the lockdown again, we’re probably all finding we have a few more hours on our hands and so we’ve gathered together some of our top tips to help you make the most of lockdown, stay safe, keep positive and hopefully come out of lockdown in a better place than you went in…

So without further ado, here’s NZ Compare’s top 5 tips for making the most of lockdown 3.0.


Keep in touch and get back in touch

Life in a bubble can be lonely and isolating.  Don’t be scared to reach out to people. Pick up the iPhone and FaceTime your friends, text your neighbours, message your parents or grandparents, send silly memes and maybe even call someone you’ve not spoken to for a while... trust us, it will be the highlight of their day!

Don’t forget to check in on elder relatives or neighbours who may not be as technically au fait or even completely housebound.  An offer of picking up some groceries or essential supplies will certainly be welcome and remember to give a smile… even with the eyes behind a mask, a smile brightens everyone’s day.

Ways to make videocalls 


Move yourself

Wallowing in self pity and lockdown lay ins are all well and good… for a bit.  But if we’re in this for a while then you need to get yourself moving.  Remember the rules, stay in the neighbourhood but get your self out and about.  Take a podcast or try something like walking bingo with a friend, partner or the kids.  There is always more to see in your local neighbourhood than you think when you have the time to explore a bit and very few cars and people bustling about.  Enjoy the outside.  Set a routine and try and stick with it.  The early morning walk, lunchtime stroll or sunset wander can be a great thing to get into.  Your physical and mental health will absolutely benefit.

Walks in your neighbourhood


Cut the Household Costs

Some of us will, unfortunately, have less money coming into the household during lockdown and so there is never a better time to review those bills and costs that you’ve been meaning to look at for a long time… At NZ Compare we specialize in helping Kiwis make a fully informed choice on a range of household services.  You can compare your broadband bill or compare power plans and see what you can save.  With some providers offering attractive signing on bonuses you could even push out those first bills by a month or two while the pennies are tight.  Compare today.  It takes just a few minutes and could save you well over $500 a year.  Money we could all do with right now!  

Compare Broadband Plans

Compare Power Plans


Start a new hobby or learn a new skill

WOW.  God bless the internet!  Where would we be without it?  (Make sure you’re on a good plan though - Visit Broadband Compare) Now I know that all the parents amongst us have already learnt a great new skill… teaching… but how about you also look at something else?  There are SO MANY different things to learn and try with great instructional videos on the internet.  There are a plethora of online classes and YouTube can teach you pretty much anything.  Personally, this week, I have massively upped my origami game, changed the battery in my car remote key and made the kids bikes safer – new inner tube, seat adjustments, changed brake sensitivity etc.  All from my faithful online teachers!  

Maybe there is a type of art or craft you’ve been wanting to try?  Well right now is a great time. Learn how to cross stitch or paint a portrait of your pet.  Improve your photography skills or study calligraphy.  Or why not cooking?  That roster of meals you have been feeding yourself or your family could really be brightened up!  Home made pasta, macaroons, master a beef wellington or take on the fabled sour dough!  With over 500 hours of videos uploaded every minute the sky really is the limit!

How to make sourdough

Learn to cross stitch 


Review your retirement plan

I know, I know… retirement planning… really??!  But we’re not kidding!  

The best day to start saving is today and if you already are saving and one of the 3 million Kiwis with a KiwiSaver plan then now is a GREAT time to have someone review your fund to ensure that you are on the best plan for your needs.  The Government has recently reviewed their default fund providers and set a prime example why you should also look to review your fund.  KiwiSaver is not quite as ‘set and forget’ as you think.  You should regularly look at how your fund is performing and if you are one of the 381,000 Kiwis who joined and just fell in to a default fund then you really need to have someone look at your plan!

Money Compare, from NZ Compare is here to help New Zealand better understand their KiwiSaver options and we are proud to partner with National Capital to help Kiwis get a FREE KiwiSaver health check.  With National Capital it is quick and easy to have a review of your KiwiSaver and best of all the service is also absolutely FREE.

So if you haven’t ever reviewed your KiwiSaver, do it now. The best performing funds of the last 12 months have recently been released and if you are not in one of those funds then you should be looking to compare.  The KiwiSaver health check from Money Compare and National Capital takes just a couple of minutes to complete and our Kiwi Saver experts can then help to match you to the best KiwiSaver fund for your needs.  Investing in the right KiwiSaver fund can mean the difference between retiring with a comfortable lifestyle to retiring on the breadline.  If you’re wanting to use your KiwiSaver to kickstart your leap onto the property ladder then an extra percent or two a month in growth will make all the difference in that first home deposit.  So, check it out.  It takes minutes and can literally make you thousands of dollars.  Make sure you are making the most of your investment and request a free KiwiSaver health check today.

Compare KiwiSaver



Chill out and relax

Lockdown, whilst it often means less work and less to do in, can actually be exhausting.  Increased anxiety, worry, loss of routine (humans love routine) and increased pressure with home working and home schooling and the lack of clarity about what will happen can lead to increased mental pressures.  IT IS OK if you just don’t have the motivation for any of the above.  The most important thing that you can do this lockdown is to look after your mental health and the mental health of your whanau.  Just do whatever feels right for you.  If that means a duvet day and staying in jammies then so be it!

Relaxation is absolutely vital for self-care and it is well known that laughter is the best medicine.  Try and get your body to release some of that dopamine (the feel good hormone) as it will help you destress, boost your immunity and relive pain.  So stick on your favourite funny movie, bang on some old school tunes that bring back great memories or try some mindfulness and meditation. 

WE. HAVE. GOT. THIS.  He Waka Eke Noa Aotearoa.