Making a Difference Spotlight Jobs for Mums on the NZ Compare Website
Nov 30, 2023

NZ Compare is proud to announce Jobs for Mums as a finalist in the Making a Difference Award.

NZ Compare’s Annual Awards celebrates excellence and innovation in New Zealand across a range of telecommunications, utilities and finance industries. Jobs for Mums has been selected as a finalist for NZ Compare’s Making a Difference Award. This award acknowledges the pioneers and leaders who are making a positive change in communities and inspiring others to follow their example. It is a tough time for Kiwis. So it is important that we celebrate those who are making steps to help communities and individuals. 

Jobs for Mums have become pioneers in connecting caregivers and parents with family-friendly employment opportunities across Aotearoa. 

Who is Jobs for Mums?

Jobs for Mums is a platform that helps connect parents and caregivers with family-friendly employment opportunities, providing work options for thousands of families impacted by the cost of living crisis. Their mission focuses on removing barriers for parents, Māori & Pasifika, and other under-represented communities inhibiting their career development. This mission works to establish and maintain better outcomes for families, businesses and Aotearoa as a whole. They want to reduce pay gaps and raise awareness for the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

They utilise a community-based approach with their platform, of which is run and executed by parents for families – therefore, the platform reflects the needs of parents and families and collaborates with employers to create equitable outcomes so our communities can thrive. 

Their unique job board is designed to promote part-time, flexible full-time school hours, remote and project based employment opportunities to thousands of parents in New Zealand, so that they can have access to job opportunities that are concurrent with their family’s needs. Jobs for Mums works with compassionate and open-minded employers who value work-life balance and candidates who seek work arrangements that will suit their families and lifestyles – so that parents don’t have to sacrifice income while they are caring for their children. 

How are They Making a Difference? 

Jobs for Mums tackles the challenges of limited family-friendly employment opportunities for parents and caregivers. They help connect businesses with New Zealand’s largest group of hidden talent. 

They strive to create equitable opportunities by creating new pathways for women and underrepresented groups. Jobs for Mums plays a vital role in addressing the inequalities in women’s careers and occupations by challenging and empowering women to pursue opportunities in sectors that see high-growth and development such as construction, trades, digital and technology. 

Jobs for Mums also provide practical systems that urge and encourage businesses to improve their diversity and inclusion in their recruitment policies. This solution benefits both families and businesses and is likely to influence higher retention rates, particularly for those motivated by flexibility for their children’s needs. 

Their platform focuses primarily on parents and caregivers – but they extend their support to dads, solo parents, veterans, individuals with disabilities, and any groups or individuals that cannot work traditional 9-5 jobs. Employing a multifaceted approach that has been and is continuously tailored and moulded to address various challenges our communities face. The accessibility issues they tackle include transportation and rural locations, bias and discrimination, and strive to overcome cultural barriers. They help build and foster confidence amongst job seekers and create flexible opportunities that reflect and address life circumstances such as disabilities and childcare. 

Another initiative that they actively participate in is advocacy. They urge businesses to offer flexible working arrangements and establish family-friendly work practices, putting an emphasis on the benefits this will have for businesses – such as retention. They are essentially the bridge that connects job seekers and forward-thinking employers who value diversity, family and work-life balance. 

Jobs for Mums provides additional support services to help the job seeker journey including transitional career support, career development support, resume writing, mentoring and referrals to partners who can support individuals. 

How Can We See Jobs for Mums Positive Change?

Jobs for Mums has made a profound impact on helping mothers overcome the persistent, and often unequal challenges they face balancing work and family responsibilities. Not just about finding jobs, our mission enables mothers to participate in the workforce and care for their family as they need to. No woman should have to sacrifice one of the other! This impact transcends individuals and families – contributing to the growth of the wider economy. With more women contributing their skills and talents to the workforce, communities and society will see a flourish of productivity and prosperity. 

Another way that Jobs for Mums has seen success is by reducing the pay gap and promoting gender equality. The gender pay gap in New Zealand is a real issue that significantly impacts Māori and Pasifika women specifically. This gap can largely be attributed to the “Motherhood penalty,” which is a systemic disadvantage women face when they become parents. Jobs for Mums confronts these issues, challenging employers to rethink their hiring practices and address barriers and biases that tend to inhibit women from career development. 

Our distinct and thoughtful employment opportunities empower mothers to achieve financial independence and pursue professional aspirations. By conducting regular impact assessments and regular KPI data collection, Jobs for Mums can track and understand the social and economic impact of their services and interventions. 

Jobs for Mums is more than just a job seekers platform, they have fosters and grown a supportive and inclusive community network. The online  connects motors with family-friendly employers and allows them to share their experiences with one another, and access valuable resources to propel them in their employment journey. 

Jobs for Mums has achieved social impact accreditation from the Akina Foundation, which shines a light on the profound significance of their work and the positive outcomes they are helping establish for families, communities, businesses and wider society. 

The Positive Change in Our Backyard

Jobs for Mums is a beacon of change and progress that helps to bolster the lives of mothers, parents and caregivers – elevating their confidence and providing them with the opportunity to seek employment and opportunities outside of – sometimes isolating – family responsibilities. Their initiatives’ impact affects industries, communities, families and individuals. They make a difference with each mother they empower, each gender disparity they challenge and every supportive connection they foster. One job at a time, we are reshaping industries and uplifting communities. 

NZ Compare are proud to announce Jobs for Mums as a finalist in the Making a Difference Award. NZ Compare takes pride in making a positive difference in the everyday lives of Kiwis. 

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