Making a difference to her people
Mar 31, 2022

Meet Tara from Tuatahi First Fibre

It’s time to shine a light on everyday Kiwis and organisations making a positive impact in our country. In this series we will profile our brilliant NZ Compare Making a Difference Award finalists and the differences they are making throughout New Zealand.

Respected and passionate project manager Tara Christison was nominated by her peers at Tuatahi First Fibre for her outstanding contribution to her company. 

The NZ Compare Making a Difference category was open to a New Zealand provider, organisation or individual that is making a difference within their industry, community, people, staff or peers through leading positive change and improvements and inspiring others to follow their example.

Tara was recognised by Tuatahi First Fibre for her approach to growth within the business, and more importantly, for the way she supports the individuals within her team to new heights. Tara seizes every opportunity to develop and contribute to the success of Tuatahi First Fibre by serving others.

Leading through connection and empowerment

Tara’s team expressed that she always leads by example and fosters a high-trust and collaborative environment, creating a platform for growth and personal and professional development for her team members.

Tara embodies a leadership approach that puts people first, recognising that by supporting our people, they can provide better outcomes for the Tuatahi First Fibre business and customers. Her leadership style has resulted in Tuatahi First Fibre being able to deliver critical components of its digital transformation agenda and strategy.

Tara was responsible for delivering parallel initiatives that have provided a foundational provisioning platform upgrade, a robotic process automation. Her delivery of each project not only ensured the company had improved platforms to work with but through her hard work and efforts, true improvements were realised in the Tuatahi First Fibre customer experience.

The face of a brand story

Stepping outside her comfort zone during a major rebrand, Tara was also the face of a new brand story, enabling staff to engage and connect to the rebranded look and feel. Again, putting the needs of her business and people before her own.

Tara has been responsible for guiding a large, cross-functional, diverse team through critical initiatives. By leading through connection, positivity, and empowerment, she has not only delivered successful business and project outcomes but has created a high-trust environment for her team.

After the last few years of hardship delivered by the pandemic and ongoing consequences, Tara’s approach to both business and leadership has allowed her people to thrive, grow, be inspired and deliver.

Tara naturally leaves a positive impact on those around her through her authentic and dedicated style of leadership. For Tuatahi First Fibre, Tara’s ability to create quality connections through the organisation and beyond has left her team-mates with a deep sense of pride and appreciation.

Congratulations to Tara and our other finalists of the NZ Compare 2021 Making a Difference Award.

About Tuatahi First Fibre

Hamilton-based Tuatahi First Fibre delivers world-class ultra-fast broadband (UFB) fibre to communities across the Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Taranaki and Whanganui.  

Owned by First Sentier Investors, Tuatahi First Fibre provides wholesale fibre to more than fifty internet service providers, who in turn provide ultra-fast internet products to end user customers.  

Tuatahi First Fibre completed the first phase of the government’s UFB rollout programme (UFB1) in 2015, and completed the second phase, UFB2 and UFB2+, to 27 new towns at the end of 2019, two years ahead of schedule.  

The Tuatahi First Fibre vision is to enable more New Zealanders to tap into all the benefits that fibre brings. High-speed internet has enhanced and revolutionised the way New Zealanders communicate, work, play, learn and are entertained online.  

Innovation is key to how Tuatahi First Fibre operates. The status quo is never good enough – Tuatahi First Fibre takes a bold approach to New Zealand’s digital future with its ultra-fast broadband network. Connect better, with fibre.