Why Mobile Providers are Focusing on 4G and 5G Services with Mobile Compare
Jun 24, 2024

Mobile providers are shutting down their 3G services in 2025 to focus on 4G and 5G. But why is this? What makes 4G and 5G so great?

Did you know that in 2025, mobile phone providers will be shutting down their 3G services? As the digital world continues to expand and evolve, our need for speed and reliability will also grow with it. Mobile providers are now going to be focusing on providing 4G and 5G services. 

What is 3G?

3G was a revolutionary generation of mobile technology that propelled the advancement of social media. It launched in 2001, the same year as Wikipedia, and was a significant improvement over previous generations of cellular technology such as 2G. In terms of speed and data capacity, 3G was capable of up to 7Mbps, which was adequate for basic streaming. With the introduction of 3G, providers started offering mobile data services – boosting the use of internet browsing, sending emails, and listening to music on the go. While 3G made great changes to how we operate in the digital world, it is now not the right fit anymore. It doesn’t match the speeds and capabilities of successors 4G and 5G. Because of all the advantages that 4G and 5G services offer every day Kiwis, mobile providers in New Zealand will be focusing on these generations of mobile networks for the foreseeable future. 

So, what does 4G and 5G offer us, and our mobile phones?

Greater Speeds

4G networks designed to deliver high data speeds that enable better and smoother streaming experiences. These speeds are fast enough to enjoy HD streaming, meaning you can enjoy any streaming platform from wherever you are in the country with clarity and few buffering. 4G also boosts the experience of video calling – meaning that anyone working from a cafe can enjoy real-time communication. 

5G networks deliver ultra-fast upload and download speeds. 5G can even support 4K streaming and downloading of videos in seconds. This is also essential for businesses and creatives who need to video call one another while out and about. 

4G and 5G networks deliver speeds that better align with our needs as a society continuing to rely more and more on our devices and the internet while on the go. 

Lower Latency

Latency refers to the amount of time it takes to send and receive data. 4G and 5G offer far lower latency than 3G. This means that your video calling and online gaming communication will be happening in “real-time.” We need lower latency for efficiency of communication and for sending and receiving data as quickly as possible.

What Does the 3G Shut Mean for You?

There are a few things you’ll need to do to prepare yourself for the shutdown of 3G. You’ll need to check that your phone is capable of 4G and 5G. Click the below button to read the steps on how to do this!

Check your Phone

If your phone is not capable of 4G and 5G, you’ll need to upgrade your phone! Luckily, there is still time to do so before 3G services close for good. Be sure to jump on PriceMe to compare different phones and their prices across New Zealand retailers so that you can get the cheapest deal

Shop Phones

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