The Importance of Health Insurance in NZ with Money Compare
Apr 15, 2024

New Zealand has a public healthcare system, but many Kiwis choose to invest in health insurance. We have rounded up our top 3 reasons why health insurance is worth it. 

In New Zealand, we have a robust public healthcare system, that allows all citizens and permanent residents to receive free or subsidised treatment. The public healthcare system prioritises emergencies and life-threatening conditions. If you have an injury or condition that isn’t life threatening, the system will deem the required treatment “elective” and you will be put on a waitlist. Often, this waitlist will be months or even years, which unfortunately prolongs treatment and ultimately recovery for patients. 

As a result of the waitlist, many Kiwis choose to invest in health insurance. Health insurance unlocks priority healthcare and fast-tracks you to recovery and a better quality of life. 

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Here is a round up of the top 3 reasons why you should consider health insurance! 

1. You’ll Access Priority Care

With health insurance, you will have access to private health institutions. Private healthcare will unlock prioritised treatment, meaning you won’t have to join the extensive waitlists and will receive delay-free care. 

2. Your Health is Worth Protecting

You deserve to live life feeling well. If you have an injury or illness, you deserve to protect your physical and mental wellbeing and access quick treatment that will have you back on your feet and back at it in as little time as possible. 

3. It Prevents You Taking Lots of Time Off

If you have a condition that stops you from working or studying, health insurance can prevent you from needing to use lots or all of your sick leave and also prevent you from losing your income. With delay-free treatment, you’ll be recovering in no time. Don’t risk having to take months off work or losing your income due to illness or injury!

Take Advantage of Money Compare to Find the Best Policy

Money Compare is designed to help you find the best health insurance policy for your needs and budget. We have partnered with leading insurance advisors at The Insurance Department to bring you free insurance quotes and advice, tailored and personalised to your needs. Simply request an advisor and we will pair you with one that can help you navigate the range of health insurance policies and providers and match you with one that will best suit you and your level of health. 

Can I Get Health Insurance with Pre-Existing Health Conditions

You can also chat to our comparison consultant team for FREE bias-free, obligation-free advice on your health insurance policy hunt. Call 0508 226672 Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm. 

Invest in your health today and unlock a better quality of life!

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