Top 6 DIY Valentine's Day Gift Ideas with NZ Compare
Feb 5, 2024

Feeling crafty this Valentine's Day 2024? We have some DIY gift ideas for you!

Valentine’s Day is not always about gift-giving. It’s about showing that extra bit of love and care for your partner and even your friends. But it can still be fun to spoil your loved ones with a Valentine’s treat. A homemade gift is often the most gentle and authentic gesture of love. It shows your loved one that you spent time thinking of them, and crafting them something that you knew they would like. 

If you are wanting to craft something creative, but are stumped for ideas, we have put together a list of 6 DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas for you to consider!

1. A Care Hamper

Grab yourself a cute woven hamper and fill it with their favourite things. Some skin care products, a delicious smelling body wash and lotion, and some of their beloved treats. You could include some bath bombs and even a voucher to a spa treatment at your favourite salon. 

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2. A Jar of Date Ideas

Grab a mason jar, some colourful popsicle sticks, and a permanent marker. On each popsicle stick, jot down something you can do together. The date ideas can be as simple as getting ice cream to something more luxurious such as a nice meal out. You can colour code each stick to be a certain kind of date. A stay at home date for yellow, for example. Whenever you two are ready for a date, or an activity together if this is a gift for your friend, they can pick out a popsicle stick from the jar and you have a date idea chosen for you by chance!

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3. A Painting

What is their favourite place in the world? Is it a city? A beach? A batch by the beach? Grab a canvas and some paint and create a piece of art that is personalised to them. Use their favourite colours. Or hues that go with their home decor aesthetic. Even if you aren’t an artist by day, they will still love the fact that you spent the time creating something just for them. 

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4. Baked Treat

Does your loved one prefer rich chocolate flavours? Or the tart tang of fruit? Whatever their taste, bake something you know they will love. Sweet treats come with the promise of unveiling a smile. They will be a great addition to their lunch for work, too, so you can assure that they will think of you during their day!

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5. DIY Candle

Grab some wick, a jar, some candle wax, and some of your favourite scents. There are many tutorials online about how to safely make your own candle by gently melting the candle wax, and pouring it into a jar, around the wick. You can customise the candle with colouring and different fragrances to suit your loved one’s taste. After the candle is set in the jar, you could even make your own label, and glue it to the jar. Voila! 

6. Personalised Recipe Book

Collect your favourite recipes, and write them down, handwritten or typed out. You could put the recipes into a handcrafted booklet, bound together by ribbon, or twine string. Spend Valentine’s Day creating one of the recipes!

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