60,000 Northland Customers get share of $10.2M

Great news for power customers in the Northland region. Up to 60,000 customers in Whangerei and Kaipara will receive a share of $10.2 million from Northland electricity company Northpower.

According the NZ Herald Northpower eleelectricity consumbers will receive around $10.2 million for a second successive year from Northpower and the Northpower Trust.

"It is pleasing to be able to offer this discount to Northpower's customers once again because we know what a difference it makes to so many households, particularly after such a challenging year," Northpower chairman Mark Trigg said.

How much will Northpower Customers receive?

Most residential and business electricity customers who are connected to Northpower’s network will receive a discount of $220.80 in their November of December power bill.

The only exception to this will be users who has used between 1kWh and 2000kWH for the prior year. They will receive a discount of $63.25.

Will I receive the payout from Northpower?

The discount of $220.80 will be paid to homes and businesses who are connected to Northpower;s network, regardless of who their power supplier is.

To qualify as eligible, consumers must have an active network connection as at November 2020. Full details of eligibility criteria are available from Northpower here.  

Want to save more on power?

The discount from Northpower is paid by the lines company, regardless of the power company consumers use. It’s worth keeping in mind that the price you pay on your power bill will vary greatly depending on the power provider you use and the type of plan you have. 

It’s worth taking a few minutes to compare power plans and check that you are getting the best deal for your home.

Simply enter your address to view a customised list of power plan available at your home. Compare bill estimates and check out benefits like joining credits, free hours of power, discounts on bundled plans and more!

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