Ways to Lower your Summer Power Bills with NZ Compare
Jan 24, 2024

Is summer heating up your power bills? We have the scoop on how to cool your power bills!

While the cost of living is certainly increasing, you can take some control over your power bills by making a few simple and quick changes around your home. With the heat of the summer continuing to scorch New Zealand, it can be easy to crank the aircon but there are better ways to save sweating about the price of your pesky power bill!

Here are our 10 tips for reducing your power bill this Summer. 

1. Choose Fans

Ceiling fans and portable fans will run for a lot cheaper than your aircon. They are a great way to remove some of the burden off your air conditioner so it doesn’t have to work as hard to keep the room cool. Fans will keep the air circulating in the house. They are also a lot more power efficient than aircons, meaning they don’t use as much power and will help keep your home cool and your bills lower. 

2. Clean that Air Conditioner

Air conditioner filters need to be cleaned every month or so to ensure dust and dirt are not blocking them. Blocked filters will make the appliance work harder to keep you cool. Not only will you cool down slower but it will use more power to get the job done. Save power and save money by cleaning or changing those filters. 

3. Use the Sunshine for your Laundry

The blazing summer sun, with the light breeze, will dry your laundry in just a few hours. Dryers are easier, sure. They save you from the chore of having to hang your laundry outside. But they are not as energy efficient as the New Zealand sun during this time of year. Free and simple, hanging your laundry outside will protect the integrity of your clothes and save your wallet. 

4. Shield your Rooms from Direct Sunlight

The direct sunlight can make the rooms in your home far too stuffy and hot. You can reduce the need to use your aircon by pulling the blinds and curtains to block out this direct light. If you have spare money, you could even invest in some tinted windows so you can enjoy the natural light, but stave off the heat. 

5. LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are far more power efficient than regular bulbs. They will work just as well and save you money in the long term by using less power over time, compared to regular bulbs. Switch the ones you use most often and when others run out, swap those for LEDs.  

6. If You Go Away, Turn Off Devices and Appliances

When we leave our devices and appliances “on,” in standby mode, they are ready for us to use at any moment. But this standby mode is sneaky. Known as vampire power, the devices can still consume small amounts of power, which adds up over time. Avoid the sting of vampire power, and turn your devices off at the wall and unplug them when you head out of town. 

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7. Invest in Energy Efficient Appliances

Has your freezer been in your kitchen for years, given to you when you went flatting? That ancient, second hand fridge or freezer might be inefficient. With loose seals, and older technology, they can just suck power and cost you up to $200 more annually. Upgrade any old appliances and invest in ones that are energy efficient. They will run just as well, without having to work as hard. You can use PriceMe to compare different products and models and their prices across New Zealand. 

8. Have a Cold Shower

Keep your body cool and your power bill cool by avoiding having hot showers. Electricity, generally, heats up the water we use. So by using just cold water, you can save yourself money! Similarly, run your washing machine on cold to avoid the extra spike in your bill that comes from hot loads of washing. 

9. Try Eco-Mode on your Dishwasher

Eco mode on your dishwasher can save between 20-40% on your energy and power consumption. Make sure you only run your dishwasher when it’s fully loaded. This is another easy way to save money on your power bill. 

10. Compare Power 

You can save lots of money in the long run by comparing your power bill. Comparing power providers and plans is a wonderful and easy way to reduce your electricity bill. Power Compare makes it easy to compare different providers and plans side-by-side, so that you can choose the best offer to suit your needs and budget. Comparing, and making the switch to a better offer means you can save hundreds of dollars in the long term on power, while getting more value for your money. 

To do so, follow these simple steps: 

  • Go to Power Compare
  • Type in your address
  • Hit enter.
  • Browse all the different plans available to you & compare them side-by-side.
  • Find one you like and switch!

Or, if you’d prefer to speak to a friendly person, then give our customer service team a free call on 0508 22 66 72. They offer bias-free and hassle-free advice on power providers available to you.

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